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Tracy L. Krauss

Tracy Krauss is a multi-published author, artist, and playwright. Several books have been on Amazon's best seller lists, and she recently won a 'Grace Award' for her novel WIND OVER MARSHDALE. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Saskatchewan and teaches secondary school Art, Drama and English. After raising four children, she and her husband now reside in beautiful Tumbler Ridge, BC where she continues to pursue all of her creative interests.

Published fiction includes: AND THE BEAT GOES ON (2009) ; MY MOTHER THE MAN-EATER (2010); PLAY IT AGAIN (2011); WIND OVER MARSHDALE (2012); COLONY ZERO (2014); NEIGHBORS - a series (2014); and LONE WOLF (2014)

Stage plays: 'Ebenezers Christmas Carol' - 2010, Pioneer Drama Services; 'Dorothy's Road Trip' 2012 - JAC Publishing;  'A Midterm Eve's Phantasm' - 2012 - Big Dog Publishing; Little Red in the Hood - 2012 - JAC Publishing, The Western Tale 2012 - JAC Publishing. Hook's Nemesis - 2013 - JAC Publishing.

Non-fiction: Life Is a Highway: Advice and Reflections on Navigating the Road of Life (2014 - devotional)

Children's book: THE SLEEPYTOWN EXPRESS - an illustrated book based on the song by Haven Gillespie

A Note From Tracy L. Krauss

I love the creative process! When I'm not writing novels, I'm directing plays, or painting a picture. Visit my personal blog 'Expression Express' where I talk all things creative.

Videos by Tracy L. Krauss

Current Releases
Sherri Chan is an independent, smart, successful woman. As the youngest member on the faculty of a small college, she has always taken pride in her ability to rise to any challenge, until her boyfriend proposes and her life goes into a tailspin. Cavi...
Available Now!
NEIGHBORS Volume 2 Stuck In the Neighborhood
Lester Tibbett has to leave his farm in Southern Alberta for the big city. It means starting over in an unfamiliar environment - a heavy burden for the guardian of a teenage sister full of angst. The apartment complex to which they relocate is a far ...
Available Now!
NEIGHBORS Volume 1 New In the Neighborhood
The Sleepytown Express was first published in 1930 as a ‘fox trot’ by Haven Gillespie, best known for the Christmas classic ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town’. This lesser known song entices children into dreamland with suc...
Available Now!
In 2810, they’re called Zeroes.  Some Zeroes are born, somehow slipping through the genetic screening and purification tests in utero mandated by an overpopulated Earth. Others become Zeroes later, the worst murderers and thieves and ab...
Available Now!
Colony Zero Volume 1 Contact
Life is full of surprises and there are many unexpected twists along the way. Hope and guidance are within reach when you let God be your tour guide. Using Biblical examples sprinkled with personal anecdotes. this little book offers sound advice and ...
Available Now!
Life Is a Highway: Advice and Reflections on Navigating the Road of Life
So… you think you know Captain Hook? Well, think again! Hook is actually a neurotic female. Her personal psychiatrist, Dr. Anna Lize, is on board and ready to take on Hook’s tantrums, not to mention mediate between Hook and her manipulat...
Available Now!
Hook's Nemesis
30 best selling authors from the John 3:16 Marketing Network offer a smaple first chapter of one of their books
Available Now!
Taste and See 2
One-act play. Little Red, an adventurous girl with a mind of her own, takes on the task of befriending Mildred, the social outcast at school. On her way to Grandmother’s house, she encounters the Swine brothers who warn her about a possible ...
Available Now!
Little Red in the Hood
The Bard goes cowboy – a two-act play that is anything but the typical western. This loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale has a western setting, characters and theme. In the play, Big Leo and Doc Xavier have been frie...
Available Now!
The Western Tale
An stage adaptation of Shakespearre's A Midsummer Night's Dream - Audiences will love this madcap, modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Denny, the captain of the football team, has his sights set on tak...
Available Now!
A Midterm Eve's Phantasm

Available Now!
Wind Over Marshdale
This collection of poignant and uplifting essays is the perfect book to enjoy over your morning coffee, and features my essay titled 'Baby Steps'. Read about school days, quirky jobs, romance, raising a family, hard times, the writing journey...
Available Now!
Twenty-five Years in the Rearview Mirror 52 Authors Look Back

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Dorothy's Road Trip

Available Now!
Play It Again

Available Now!
Taste and See
What’s a girl to do? Joleen Allen is on the hunt. For a man, that is. Unfortunately, every time the mother of five meets a prospect, he falls for one of her daughters instead!   Meanwhile, her ex-husband, Harold, is back in the ...
Available Now!
My Mother the Man-Eater

Available Now!
Ebenezer's Christimas Carol
Canadian born archeologist Mark Graham unearths a remarkable discovery while at a dig in the mountains of Zimbabwe – pterodactyl remains and giant human bones buried together. Speculation leads to the possible existence of a mythical race kn...
Available Now!
And the Beat Goes On

A Peek Into the Life of Tracy L. Krauss

Author - book signing

Author - book signing
artist and illustrator

artist and illustrator
Playwright and director!

Playwright and director!

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