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Travis K. Sharpe is an Optometrist in Kansas.  He lives on six acres with his incredible wife and adorable baby boy. 

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Current Releases
Fueled by revenge, guided by an intense hatred for any type of elected or appointed authority, and driven by an inherent need to worship a strong male leader, Alex sets out on a killing spree that will satisfy all three of his psychological crutch...
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Tunneling for Revenge
When a close friend betrays Dr. Barrett Maples’ dedication to the Human Genome Project, Barrett, along with Dr. Drake Bell, are forced to shield their discovery of a previously unknown genetic marker unique to each individual on the planet a...
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Coded for Assassination
  Jace’s heart pounds in his chest while his Navy SEAL team finishes the mop-up on the deck of the Somali pirate ship.  But the battle isn’t what affects his heart rate.  It’s the beauty he’s rescuing. &n...
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SEALed With A Kiss

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