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What if the very thing you crave is that which you most fear? Ashley is a woman running from her past -- and from herself. Ten years of marriage to a man who took his dominance too far has left her scared, but defiant ... determined, yet desp...
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What She's Looking For
A Dominion Trust story. What is a modern, independent woman to do when the only thing she truly wants is to be enslaved? Erica, a young, beautiful college student is looking for that something which speaks to what she truly is deep down insid...
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Night Beach
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  "Maintenance Night." The very words make a submissive woman shudder in dread – and anticipation.    Lacey has always been just such a woman, and now she’s also a spanked wife, subject to her domin...
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Maintenance Night
A Lady and a Maid (Fantasy / BDSM erotica) Sophie, a simple, beautiful farm girl on the cusp of exploring her first love gains the lustful attention of a jaded, cruel noblewoman. She’s taken to the noble’s manor at Westwood, and t...
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A Lady and a Maid
How does a Dominant go on after the untimely death of his submissive? Jacob is trying to rebuild his life after being shattered by the death of his wife Mara. His beautiful friend Sierra is giving him signals that she wants to take their relations...
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A Message of Love

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