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Loose Id
Current Releases
Gene Price, former teenage star, has been living the simple life. He’s cut himself off from anyone who knows about him and his former bad reputation. Out of the blue he begins to get death threats. He doesn’t want any part of his past now...
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Price of Fame 1: Going Back
Miss Emily Whitethorn once vowed to marry only for love, but when she finally accepts the reality that she must follow her mother’s demands and marry a titled gentleman, her plans turn to seduction. The first person on her list of eligible bach...
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Soliciting a Lady 3: The Seductress
Lady Sarah has moved on to try life on her inherited estate. But something's amiss. The place is a shambles, the servants have all disappeared, and no one can tell her what's become of her steward. All her visitors -- including William, th...
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Soliciting a Lady 2: The Suitor
Lady Northernly is barely out of mourning for her late and not overly lamented husband when Will offers a proposal of marriage. Mr. Burke's offer is startling, to say the least. Society would frown on a lady accepting such a proposal from a commo...
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Soliciting a Lady 1: The Solicitor
Desire Island: A gateway to the heart's deepest desire, To passion's heat, to love. The wind-tossed sign at the front gate always reads "Vacancy." Stephanie Burke: Take Me With You Lost in a futuristic desert, Gray finds hims...
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Desire Island (Box Set)
In the uncivilized out-country known as Aridzone, Arness is the best at what she does. The wildlings she captures and domesticates worship her. In return she always matches her pets with doting, wealthy mistresses who reward hard work. She loves her ...
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The Wildling
Bill and Chris are lovers at last and that should be enough. But the two of them have never had an easy path to love and dealing with the aftermath of Chris's marriage doesn't make life easy. Being Mr. Mom to Chris's girls as well as a...
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Witness to the Wedding
Bill and Chris are lovers at last and that should be enough. But the two of them have never had an easy path to love and dealing with the aftermath of Chris’s marriage doesn’t make life easy. Being Mr. Mom to Chris’s girls as wel...
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Witness to the Wedding
Chris always knew where he was going and how to get there. He’d had the best friend in the world, been tops in his class. He’d known he was going to be a lawyer when he grew up and he planned to get married and have kids. Then came rea...
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His Best Man
Hector meets Rudy when Rudy's about to be hanged by the people in his town. Hector rescues him, expecting to leave Rudy and continue on his way alone. But when the big man refuses to leave his savior, they discover they c...
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More than Breathing
Cole is wild, funny, impulsive, and Sarah’s best friend. She doesn’t understand what he gets out of submission but she’s not going to let Cole get hurt the way he has in the past. So when she discovers his new dom is Jeff, the je...
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Cole for Christmas
Read Review
Three teenage kids stuck in the suburbs of New Jersey in the ‘70s combined to become a punk band. Instead of it being a summer diversion, they suddenly become famous. Stu, Jimi, and Jane discover drugs, rock-n-roll, and sex--with each other....
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Circle of Three
Max is ecstatic. He finally has the summer to actually live with Daniel instead of only visiting on weekends. But when he tells Daniel the good news, he can tell something is wrong. Daniel is closing up on him again. Daniel loves Max desperate...
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Inside Out 2: Inside Daniel
Celebrating "Coming Out Day" 2010 Max knows his family and friends aren’t sure what to make of his moods and impulses. But he’s in college now and ready to show them he’s grown up and ready to make mature choices. A...
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Maxxed Out

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