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Trina M. Ward

I am a small town writer with the will to change that. I write paranormal, suspense, thriller and historical ficiton. I have been asked what makes me different from other writers and the answer to that question is simple. Other writers don't have my mothers blood pumping through their body and with that said I am only saying I inherited her strength, strong will and ability to go after what I want.

I strive to be an entertainer of the mind. I want to lead my readers down a path that is frightening but not to a point of horror. I want to allow the readers to feel the experience as if they were the main characters in my pages. If I write about a freshly painted wall or a grandmother cooking a pie in the oven, I want my readers to smell it.

That is my ultimate goal and I will achieve it. 

Enjoy the ride, it has only just the beginning



Current Releases
Just learning how to channel his visions, Brice wasn’t prepared for what he came face to face with during a paranormal investigation at the Martin House. His visions of what was there were so vivid he could smell the stench of the thing’s...
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Something evil dwells in and around Sandy Creek. There have been numerous sightings of a Creature that remains a mystery in the unsuspecting town located along the Gulf Coast. Murders, attacks as well as odd mishaps all take place within the Sandy...
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