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Blush sensuality level: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic in frequency or type).   This book is a sequel to Cecily’s Secret, but can be read as a standalone.   Lily was whisked...
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Lily's Last Hope
Blush sensuality level: This is a suggestive romance (love scenes are not graphic).   While writing a detective novel, Ray gets stuck on a romantic scene. Stumbling over finding the right words, he turns to his best friend, Gwen, for ...
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Just Between Friends
Cecily has no desire for a husband. Instead, she plans to follow the example of her spinster aunt—refusing to marry, supporting herself with a modest inheritance and entertaining herself with a stream of lovers and a collection of naughty bo...
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Cecily’s Secret
What do you do when you realize that the one thing you’ve wanted all your life isn’t enough anymore? If Claire Swynnerton marries handsome knight Paul de Bey, she will finally be allowed to take possession of her inheritance and escape th...
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Claire's Hostage
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