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  Ransom Ferrel is on a mission.  To save her father, she had agreed to act as a 'distraction' to Pack Master Horus Weret. However, she soon found herself embroiled in a web of lies and deceit that only seemed to tangle tighter around...
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Hunters of the Pack - Book 2: Traitor
Kiera Lunatier is on the run. By human and Lycan standards, she is a murderess, though her target was the man who killed her brother. In the violent and secret world of Lycan society, vengeance was her right and though her Pack Leader forbade it, she...
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Hunters of the Pack - Book 1: Huntress
Throughout history, Tempest Xander's family had been responsible for guarding the Tome of Power. And Tempest had always preserved that trust, keeping that Tome secure against all threats. But now, it seemed that the warlock, Dellor the Black, had lea...
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