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Upcoming Releases
Grover Moss is bored. A former big-city detective, he misses the mind-numbing parade of bums, drug dealers, prostitutes, murderers, and violence only big cities can provide. He has followed the beautiful but capricious Chantal West to her home town b...
Available 12/15/18
The Gator Hunter

Current Releases
Aya’s family has to move. The Triumvirate have picked up their sound and, even now, are sending the Borgs on patrol, sweeping the sewers for signs of anyone breathing the oxygen so vital to human survival. One by one, Aya has rescued a collecti...
Available Now!
Flight to Trezarium
Los Angeles attorney, Alex Carreras, has it all—a position with a prestigious law firm, an engagement to the boss’s daughter, and a budding political career—until the night he stops to help a murdered girl in a battered Chevy van...
Available Now!
Poseidon's Eye
Scientists have incomprehensible theories about parallel universes, ripples in time, relativity, and probability. Ordinary people think, while any of those theories is possible, strange events are just our own imagination messing with our heads, a re...
Available Now!
Of Unknown Origin
The Mama Tree lives in the Thicket, a place so wild it hides all kinds of creatures who don’t want to be seen. Prayer bundles and gris-gris bags dangle from its matronly branches like ornaments on a mother goddess. It has hidden Kenya and her d...
Available Now!
The Mama Tree
It is said that in the deep woods right outside of Julia Springs, Georgia, lives a creature of myth and legend, the Chinaberry Man, so named due to the sweet, pungent scent remembered by those who have remotely come across him. Remotely because very ...
Available Now!
Love Song of the Chnaberry Man

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