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Tristan Cole is the author of gay erotic fiction.  As of September 2012 his titles include Porn Star Slave, a suspense story, for Excessica Publishing; Harvey's Bargain, a story of interracial erotica; and the dark humor short story "Mistakes Were Made" originally written for editor Jerry Wheeler's anthology The Dirty Diner from Bold Strokes Books. 

Tristan is originally from North Carolina.

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When hot bottom boy Cameron invites his friend, Harvey, to “hang out”, he knows he’s going to have trouble resisting Harvey’s cleverness and seductive charms, but he’ll have to if he’s going to stay faithful to ...
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Harvey's Bargain
When porno bottom Aidan’s on-screen partner is murdered, everyone at Cadet Video is a suspect, including Aidan himself. He is understandably frightened, but the men surrounding Aidan are only concerned with one thing: getting inside him as m...
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Porn Star Slave
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