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Tula loves poetry and fiction in all genres,particularly history and paranormal.  When she's not actively parenting, she's usually reading, writing, exploring, or dreaming about her next travel vacation.


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Carol Edwards is a conservative young woman, determined to do her research on Brazil's main African religion, Candomble, and then get out of the country as quickly as possible. She didn't count on becoming a vessel for the goddess Oxum who...
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Egyptian nobIewoman, Imi, steals holy artefacts from a well-guarded temple in Rome and is on her way back to her royal mistress, Arsinoe, Cleopatra's sister, when she is abducted by Seleucus, a pirate who cares nothing for either royalty or re...
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Her Pirate Master
  Chloe came to Rome as a young girl and is now one of the city's leading courtesans.  She is able to choose and refuse clients by dint of her careful investments and a refusal to take on clients worth less than 10,000 denarii.&n...
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Love of a Courtesan
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Princess Antalya, First Daughter of the Nereid King Tushar, is sent as a Gift Prize to Gregory Landau, the owner of a private Caribbean island whose development threatens her undersea home. She needs Gregory to stop construction if she is to save her...
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The Mermaid's Mission
Kai Duncan heads to Haiti to rescue Gabrielle, a vampire held captive by a witch doctor, but he doesn't know that it's his love for her that will end up saving him.
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The Vampire Oracle: Sleep
When the gladiator, Scipio, sees the new healer at his ludus , it's love at first sight but the gladiatorial games and Spartacus's rebellion may keep the lovers apart.
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The Gladiator's Woman
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