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Nerdy but gifted Ryan Miyashi has just started what promises to be a stellar academic career at Cal State Berkeley. Just as important, he’s finally settled into a comfortable, loving relationship with his first boyfriend, Tanner Cruz. Ryan can&...
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The Leaves of Life
High school senior and muscle- teen-titan Alex Johnson just wants to help a new friend, but he learns it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature. Courtney is a runty little freshman who is tired of being relentlessly bullied. Alex can’t alway...
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Best Laid Plans
Nerdy Ryan Miyashi is about to start college at Cal State Berkeley at the tender age of sixteen. This should be an exciting and happy time for the bright young man, especially since his first boyfriend, Tanner Cruz, is a total hunk, even if he’...
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Secrets Kept, Promises Broken
Things finally seem to be working out for gifted high-schooler Ryan Miyashi. He came out to his friends and family earlier in the year and they’re okay with it. In the fall, he’ll be starting at Cal State Berkeley at the tender age of six...
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The Summer of Our Disconnect
Shy, hapless High School Sophomore Ryan Miyashi seems to be caught in the orbit of a true force of nature—his new boyfriend, Tanner Cruz. It seems that wherever Tanner goes, tumult and good-natured chaos follow and Ryan is pulled along for the ...
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The Tanner Effect
High school sophomore Ryan Miyashi doesn’t know what to think—he’s completely taken with a handsome, strapping transfer student from Texas named Tanner. Ryan is a long way from the self-confidant adult we know from the Growing Lad s...
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Brainiac and the Yolo Bro
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 In the exciting conclusion to the Growing Boy series, teen muscle titan Alex Johnson has just returned from the time of his life on Spring Break with his boyfriend Ryan and is stunned to learn that the school football star is missing—b...
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Big Man, Big Trouble
It’s not easy being big enough to have your own zip-code, but it helps if you’re as strong as an ox—or three. Muscle teen titan Alex Johnson not only has to adapt to his new size, but has to cope with finishing his senior year in...
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Living Large
Muscle teen titan Alex Johnson is starting his senior year in High School. Alex has spent most of his life seemingly invisible, but since an experimental genetic treatment to save his life, he’s literally Big Man on Campus. His friends think...
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Big Man on Campus

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Small Farm, Big Farm Boy

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