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A native Washingtonian, V.R. Avent is a full-time medical billing and business office manager. She is a mother of one and lives in Washington, DC, with her beautiful daughter, Zréa. V. R. started her health care career in 2001 as a trained medical assistant, eventually becoming an administrator for a busy medical practice. Her love of erotica started after reading Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty series. She was only in her mid-teens. With her love of both clinical and administrative health care and erotic romance, it comes as no surprise that V. R. combines the two in her novels. When she isn't working, V. R. is home with her daughter, cooking and having a blast. Once Zréa is asleep, V. R. is busy at work, writing erotic romances that are balanced with just enough drama to keep you captivated.

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The saga continues...  Wedding bells, jail cells, and the damn past…oh, my. Zach’s past emerges and Abi has just one more secret—even darker. What happens now that the darkness comes to light? Can Abi and Zach survive the t...
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Darkk Light (Dark Paradise, #3)
 What’s Lost in the Dark is the second book of the Dark Paradise series. It continues exactly where Lured In left off—with Abi and Zach getting lost (deep) in each other’s love. In WLD, Abigail and Zach try to maintain a rel...
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What's Lost in the Dark (Dark Paradise, #2)
Abigail's dark and complex past brings to the surface a lot of mental and emotional barriers. This discourages her from trusting men and enjoying life, which includes going out with friends, meeting new people, and dating—and she hasn&rsquo...
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Lured In (Dark Paradise, #1)

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