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I grew up in working class neighborhood of a small Midwestern U.S. city. Two days after 9/11, I enlisted in the army. I participated in the invasion of Iraq, returned home, and joined the police force. After five mostly celibate years of working night shifts and studying by day, I was able to finish my degree in finance. I took a job as an internal security officer for a bank.  Six months later, I married my boss, a widowed banker with three young children, and a wonderful, loving soulmate. My keyboard gives me a secret world outside my life of soccer games, charity board meetings, and cocktail parties. Mandi is my first erotic novel.  


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Unemployed, broke, and squatting in a repossessed house, Jerry thinks he’s as far down as he can get. Then he’s attracted to the new couple next door. Their pale skin, dark eyes, and flowing hair stir his mind with fantasies of sex involv...
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The Golden Dive
Laurie Deloit's career as a super-whore has brought her a long way. Her lover died and left her in possession of a fantastic yacht and a multi-billion dollar fortune. Sex is available whenever she wants it, which is often. But she has no intim...
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Love Wild
Laurie, known to the night world as Raven the megastar whore, brings super-rich Charles Anders back from the brink of death, and then discovers his revived energy is a big load for her to handle. Is he giving her the life of sex without commitment...
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Live Wild

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What compelled Jace to make his bull’s head mask and why does it take him to such a strange, scary place? His power to channel a labyrinth of terror-driven sex attracts the Fair Warriors, three women in the business of providing extreme expe...
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: Paris, a daring athlete and massive stud, finds his equal in a slender sunflower of a woman named Clytie. They're bull leapers, practicing the deadly sport of the ancient Minoans for the amusement of a super-wealthy modern audience on a priv...
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The Fire Genie will burn you, but the Master Genie will chain your will.  Pharmaceutical-driven sex and corporate power lift Mandi to the top.  A secret mind control potency reduces her to sexual slavery.  At the end of her rise and...
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