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Vanessa Liebe

Vanessa has a degree in German and lives in Hampshire, South East England, with her husband and three children. When not helping her husband run his business or bringing up her family she tries to create addictive love stories with powerful characters. She has written in secret for many years and is finally finding the courage to unleash her creativity. Her first novel, Enigma is being released later this year, shortly followed by an anthology, entitles Voyeur. In the meantime she has released Spellbound.

Current Releases
Voyeur is a contemporary anthology of five short erotic stories involving voyeurism, both unintentional and habitual. The stories follow five different people, who become highly aroused and fascinated as they watch and they all ultimately find themse...
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Enigma, a contemporary erotic romance novel, tells the story of Mark and Lucy Fuller, who believe they are happily married until a conversation with best friend, Jody leaves Lucy wondering whether there is a whole new side to their marriage that they...
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