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The last thing Winter Barstow is looking for is a relationship. After being abandoned as a child, she has dedicated her life to her work. When a stolen artifact arrives at her door, she heads to a remote outpost in Washington to find out who sent it ...
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Touch of the Wolf
  A granddaughter's search for the truth about her grandfather's life and death. Dead at thirty-six, pioneering pulp writer Homer Eon Flint left behind a grieving widow and three young children. Prior to his shocking end in 19...
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Grandfather Lost
A disaster made them enemies. Can anything bring them together? Whatever it takes, Kara Richardson will hold onto her desperately-needed job working for Brand Lockwood’s construction company, even if it means keeping a shattering secret ...
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Alaska Heat
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Years ago a vulnerable Melaine Landa spent a passionate night in Tanner Harris' arms. Now, reunited at the ski resort where they both work, they struggle to maintain a professional relationship. A look, a touch, shared words and old feelings b...
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Mountain's Gift

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