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Veronica Bale has written several novellas, short stories, and news articles as a freelance writer. With her Highland Loyalties trilogy she made her debut into the world of historical romance novels. Veronica lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband, young son and two spoiled cats. When she's not writing she's running, reading, spending time with her family, or hopelessly lost in the cobbles of Coronation Street.

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A Note From Veronica Bale

To my very dear readers,

Hello, and welcome to my page here on Manic Readers. On this page I would like to take the time to introduce myself, in my own words, and share a little bit about me.

I’ve been a writer from a very young age. I’ve always found the stories in my head a constant source of entertainment, and over the years have endeavoured to put them down on paper (with varying degrees of success). I have always known that I would be an author at some point, and am still finding it difficult to believe that point has actually come.

When I set out to write my first novel, Bride of Dunloch, I have to admit that it was more of an experiment than anything. I had no idea who might see it (if anyone) or how it would be received. Since publishing the third volume of the Highland Loyalties trilogy, The Laird Returns, I am honoured to have had such an overwhelmingly positive response from my readers. I’ve received such wonderful feedback and encouragement that I can’t possibly stop now. Pandora’s box has been opened.

I’ve been asked where I get my ideas, and what my inspiration is. That’s a tough question to answer because my ideas have always been a part of me. Like an arm or a freckle, they’ve always just been up there in my head, swimming about. Making up stories, outlining them, cultivating them – it’s what I do to amuse myself when I don’t have television or radio to entertain me.

Every writer has a different reason for writing. Mine is simple: I believe my stories are worth sharing. I read for pleasure, and I write in the hopes that my readers will derive the same pleasure from the stories I have to offer. I always love to hear from you, so please feel free to stop by any of my pages to send me a message and let me know what you think.

And finally, outside of writing here’s a bit about who I am. I am a “hockey mom” to a wonderful seven-year-old boy, and have a fantastic husband who is incredibly supportive of all my writing efforts. Besides writing I like to knit (when I can find the time), run (when I can find the energy) and spend time with my family. I love to read, and am crazy for anything with a gripping love story.

Thanks for checking out my page, and if you’ve read my books, I do sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed them!

Cheers, and happy reading,

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