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Vic Nikitin

Vic Nikitin was born in the UK, of Russian and Italian parentage. He moved to London in the 1980s, to Johannesburg in the 1990s and now resides in New Zealand.

On this journey, he acquired an Honours degree in Modern Languages, a Teachers Diploma and an MBA in Marketing. He lectured extensively at tertiary level and consulted to corporations in South Africa during his fifteen year stay.

Vic is married to Arlene, has two teenage children and currently combines running a computer business with a passion for writing.

While living in South Africa, he wrote his first novel, Hijack. He has recently published an anthology of short stories called Seventeen Deadly Sins. His second novel, There or not there, will be available soon, as will a second collection of twist-in-the-tale short stories entitled Seventeen not-so-deadly sins.

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Drop in generous amounts of greed, sprinkle in similar quantities of lust, add pinches of wrath, smidgens of desperation, a touch of envy and a swirl of twist-in-the tale endings and mix well. The spicy recipe of Dahlesque short stories about ordi...
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Seventeen Deadly Sins
David van der Linde loses everything after a brutal hijacking. His comfort zone is ripped away, layer by layer, as he sinks to his knees. Sparked into a smouldering rage, he refuses to lie down. He begins to claw his way back, inch by inch. Hunting d...
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