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I first attempted writing twenty years ago when I published a small article in an adoptive parent magazine.  Then my super-mom gene took over and I enjoyed the events surrounding my daughters' lives:  school, sports, music, dance and cheer.

When the oldest left for college in New Mexico, I began researching my family heritage.  After several years of investigation, I entered a genealogy writing contest and won honorable mention.  At that point, I felt the need to tell the story of my mother’s family.  I began writing my self-published historical novel, Rachel.

In 2001 I joined a local critique group.  I have published several fiction and nonfiction articles and won several contests.  My second attempt at being a novelist began after I’d published Rachel.  Again, digging into my family history, I penned a Christian Romance Adventure novel, Alvarado Gold that was released from The Wild Rose Press in November 2007.  I am currently working on a sequel, Cairo, which further follows the adventures of Addie Brown when she and her husband travel to Egypt.

My second contract with The Wild Rose Press is for The Shadow of My Heart, an American Rose Historical. This is a short story which will be available for a download soon.

Other than writing, I enjoy reading, craft work and collectibles.  I am also an exotic gemstone collector.
A Note From Vicki Caine

Alvarado Gold is an Inspirational novel with a mixture of adventure, intrigue and romance. The heroine, Addie Brown, reconnects with her cousins at her grandfather's funeral, but there's one cousin missing, Donnie. Is it by choice or does he have some other motive? As she's researching family documents, one of which refers to gold buried near the small Texas town of Alvarado, she meets Gary Wright, who touches her empty heart. Gary insists on helping Addie and her cousins with their quest, but then strange occurrences and threatening notes lead her to believe Gary is working with Donnie.  Addie tires to unravel the family secrets, be the first to reach the gold and deal with her own indecision. Should she trust Gary? If she does, she'll need to tell him the secret she's kept hidden in her heart.


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