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The old inn sits by a lake in an ancient forest, shrouded in mystery. Outside, a restless willow thrashes its limbs and, for a fleeting moment, a woman seems to dance in the mist. A trick of the light? Or a villi, perhaps, one of the sirens of leg...
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Willow, Weep
What had happened to her own daughter? Where had this child come from, the mother wondered. Who was she? Why did she sit for hours staring at her baby brother, contemplating...who knew what?   It was enough to drive you mad...especial...
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What Child Is This?
Two great flash pieces from Victor J. Banis in one volume!   A Lovely Leave:  If love is ever-enduring, can it matter much if the face changes? The heart sees differently from the eyes.   Over the Rainbow...
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A Lovely Leave & Over the Rainbow
If you ever thought that animals can't know true love, you never knew the girls. This emotional short story from legendary author Victor J. Banis will appeal to both dog lovers and all fans of Banis' writings.
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The Girls
No ties. No button-down shirts. Jeans and t-shirts. Sweat and dirt. These are combinations that can bring a man to his knees, or can it? This title was previously published in the Lambda finalist HARD WORKING MEN anthology. ...
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If Love Were All
f love is truly eternal, what lasts beyond the grave -- and what form might it take? Mike Patterson loses his life-long partner, Adam Cooper---and soon thereafter, a hawk appears and seems to hang around with him. Is the hawk a message from Ad...
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Copper's Hawk
Is love a constant? Familiar, ever there, ever recognizable? Or is it like the pictures in the clouds, ever changing. A flower one moment, and the next, morphing into something else, a face perhaps, or maybe just a fluff of clouds? Drifting away, ...
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The Double H cowboys are a tough bunch, and none of them are gay--exactly--but they have been out there on the prairie for several weeks, herding cattle, and new thoughts have begun to enter their minds. Enter Buck, a handsome young drifter with a...
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Sure, a handsome young gay stud can go straight and marry the boss's daughter...if, that is, the amorous ghost of his late boyfriend would just quit materializing his his parties... in his bed... This story is part of t...
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Lorin's Back
Nothing bad is supposed to happen in Palm Springs.     At least that’s what San Francisco private detective Tom Danzel and his partner Stanley Korski believe. But when their friend Chris finds a dead body in his hotel room ...
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A Deadly Kind of Love
A homophobic, hate spewing evangelist. A gay messiah, who brings people back from the dead, and whose own past is shrouded in mystery. An empty asylum in the Ohio farmland. And the Emerald Mountain, the legendary haven for lost souls. A burned out...
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Emerald Mountain
Their forbidden love burned with a heat as fierce as the Amazon jungle. The house known as the Palace is home to the wealthy Draytons in Manalos, a decaying city of crumbling mansions and time darkened mysteries, deep within the teeming Brazil...
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Mother of the Moon
An erotic romance with a dash of ice cold water, a cricket, a pebble, the scent of blood oranges and the color red. THE FINAL CURTAIN by Victor J. Banis ~ Be careful what you wish for. Nick wanted the ephemeral young man in the worst way... ...
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The Final Curtain

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