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Victoria Chatham’s first attempts at writing, in crayon on a wall, were not appreciated but the writing bug had bitten. She later wrote proper words in scrappy exercise books and on whatever stray pieces of paper came her way. Being an army brat meant being constantly on the move. Her books were her constant friends and the ideas they gave her kept her writing until she hit her teen years and turned to jazz, jive and Elvis Presley.

Marriage and motherhood followed and writing was put aside until she wrote a book for her daughter. It took two years, written in longhand and typed by a friend and what had been intended as a thirteenth birthday present became a fifteenth birthday present. 

Like so many authors, Victoria listened far too much to her inner critic and it wasn’t until her Canadian husband encouraged her to get her work published that she began to gain confidence in her writing. She also credits Romance Writers of America and her Calgary chapter of RWA for their help and support.

Apart from her writing, Victoria is an avid reader of anything that catches her interest from historical romances of any period to contemporary fiction and thrillers. She loves horses and dogs, daily walks and gentle yoga. She currently divides her time between Canada and England.


Coming soon:

Shell Shocked (The Buxton Chronicles Book 3)

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