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Experience as a professional Field Biologist/Biology/Ecology Teacher for over 20 years working all over the United States and in some parts of Europe makes for some wild stories, episodes, a few of which are included in Arthur's eco-fiction book, Birdbrain.

Deeply sensitive to what has and is happening to the earth by her own species, Arthur weaves this awareness and grief into her stories but also sprinkles in some wackiness and humor. There is tension around all her main characters which keeps things interesting.

She has written two fiction novels, Birdbrain and her newest (September 2015), Phat('s) Chance for Buddha in Houston (Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation). She is already lining out a third novel. She would love to quit her day job and just write. If you are a professional agent, feel free to contact her.

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It's 1990 and just another typical summer day in Mapletown, Indiana until Uncle Phat, The Reptile (or Uncle Mike, as he used to be called), wanders into the garage and gives his 15 year old nephew, Galen Calcoun, only about an hour to pack. The f...
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Phat('s) Chance for Buddha in Houston (Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation)
Think of it as a chronicle of the American environmental movement circa late 1970′s-80′s through the eyes of an innocent but partying young country girl who has suppressed so much while waiting for her working class guy to get a clue&hell...
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