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Feared, reviled, and cursed from birth-to-death with muteness byb her father’s clan, half-breed Sea Siren Sprite Fer-de-lance has emotionally armored herself against the abuse of the world. When silver-eyed feral-black-haired Saracen Bellacl...
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Stripped of all her memories and abandoned on an unknown nighttime street, Desta Chevalier stumbles into an ElfFeyen Demesne during a by-invitation-only Rut, an orgy being held for the seven Bellaclava princes, supernatural and super-beautiful imm...
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  How does Elf Feyen prince Dominic Bellaclava intend to tame disobedient were-caste she-wolf Fin'neal Cerberus to his will? Why, with sex, of course! Can he tame her disobedient nature...or will he lose his heart to her all over ...
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