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I was born in Reading Uk in 1958. My father is English and my mother is French although there is a strong vein of Spanish on my maternal grandmothers side. I was educated at various schools before completing Sixth Form College at St Peter's Huntingdon. I somehow managed to collect A levels in English, French and History and I subsequently won a place at Sheffield University where I decided to read Classical Civilization. Once there, however, I decided that I had had enough of the academic life; I found the student mentality rather false and having been brought up in student circles, rather boring. Much to my mother's horror, I gave up my studies and went to London to begin a course as a Canine Beautician. In 1984, my first husband and I parted ways amicably and I decided to visit the Ionian island of Corfu to celebrate my new freedom. It proved to be a life-changing decision. I still remember to this day, sitting in a café-bar, overlooking the crystal clear azure sea and saying to my friend. "I never want to leave here". And here, I still am. I am now married again, to a Greek, Alexander {not the Great}, and I have two teenage children, 4 dogs and 4 cats and I absolutely love the life-style here. I would recommend it to anyone. In 2005,I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer - for the SECOND time in 5 years. It is when you are faced with your own mortality that one begins to put one's life into perspective. Thankfully, God was yet again on my side and I am now in full remission. But I decided that there was more to me than being a mother {although, I hasten to add, it is a worthy assignment.} I decided to finally get my head down and do what I'd always promised myself; I was going to finish a novel. I have been writing romance since my early teens, mostly for my own satisfaction and for my friends but now I really want to work at it. Writing has become my passion. I have always been a "Romantic", often accused of not living in the real world but who wants to do that? I like to call my work Romance with a quirky, humorous Brit twist and I am always striving to make my characters real, characters we can all relate to. I am a member of Romance Writers of America and of the LA chapter LARA. I still fly back to the UK at least twice a year - especially if Darren Hayes {my other passion} is performing but I have to say that my heart is now in Greece. I suppose with so much Mediterranean blood flowing through my veins, I didn't stand a chance against this magical Island. The imaginary island of Kuros, featured in one of my novels,DreamWeek, soon to be released by Red Rose Publishing, has been inspired by my beloved Corfu and I hope it will inspire you all to visit.

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I think I probaby said all in my bio. Just to say, I feel I have been extremely fortunate in that, since heading down the long submission journey I begun in 2006, I have three contemporary romances accepted for publication. I am currently bashing away at no 4.
  What inspires me? I Suppose it is  my series of "crushes". Since the age of 13 I have been penning little tales of me walking off into the sunset with various popstars and actors. Ok  - don't laugh; Donny Osmand ;he was my first love but giving up the coffee prooved too hard so i let him marry someone else.
  I suppose old habits die hard. Whenever I write, I have someone I admire. My biggest muse, as those who already know me, will confirm, has to be Darren Hayes, the Australian singer-songwriter. He is an amazing person and a great inspiration to me.
  Underlying themes in my works? Probably a good dose of Brit Caustic humour, although, I hasten to add, my novels are full of passion and will have you, at times, {I hope} reaching for your hankerchief.
  I try my hardest not to stereo-type my characters. I am a great people-watcher and in my experience, Man is a very complex creature. We don't always run true to type and are often capable of irrational behaviour.
    Hobbies, interests? Its hard to find time with all the writing and promo going on in my life. I love to dance, I love going out with my friends and sitting for hours in some cafe-bar sipping on ice-cold beer. I love my music and I have varied tastes, ranging from Heavy Metal to 80's disco/funk to ABBA, Il Divo, Fleetwood Mac, Simon and Garfunkel and Roy Orbison - and of course, Savage Garden and Darren Hayes. For me, its all about the voice. Show me a brillient singer and I don't care about the genre. Same applies to my reading tastes. I will read anything, if its a good, well-written story.
  I am a great animal lover and I do a lot of charity fund raising for the Corfu Animal welfare, The Ark. I am the proud, sometimes harassed owner of three dogs and seven cats and, two moody teenagers. i am not sure who gives me the most hastle. Probably my Diva 17 year old daughter who wants to be Paris Hilton and my senile 11year old dog who can't decide whether to go in or out.
  Enough of my rambling for now. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this. hopefully I should have a websight up and running soon but meanwhile,
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