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Wanda DeGolier

Born and raised in Colorado, my family and I moved to the NorthWest in 2002.

Prior to becoming a writer, I was a partner in and General Manager of a computer service and consulting firm. Then I had a baby and thought, "Enough of these 12-hour days!" I sold out and became a full-time Mom.

My second child, had/has a lot of medical problems. It was during the long sessions at the hospital and sicknesses at home that my mind began to wander and I began to make up stories. I loved the escape and discovered how therapeutic and plain-old fun a good book can be.

It was then I decided to write quirky romances. It is a genre of hope! Let's face it, there is enough tragedy in the news everyday. It's my mission to put a smile on the faces of my readers and hope in their hearts. Yay for happy endings!

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