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I decided to give Mister Know my absolute what’s-what words of wisdom straight out. It’s nuts to being a nice guy, and to the blazes with the entire business. So I shouted at him, “You’re a hopeless case! I taught you everythi...
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Mike Johnson's Obligation
Some legends live on. Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, Billy the Kid, all our legends that will more than likely never die. But what happens to the ones that do die? The ones who fought for law and order, fighting for justice there own way...
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King Mortus grunted and groaned in an effort to think harder. He was close to giving up when an idea shattered his crown and scorched his never combed royal hair. Now he knew exactly what to do. He would become the ruler of that insignificant little ...
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Marvin, the Not Worthy
Captain Holt hires Thanet Blake to find out who is helping stop crime in the city while wearing a disguise. Holt wants to arrest The Hooded Person. Blake thinks otherwise.
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The Hooded Person
Criminals beware the night. The Apparition is stalking you. No matter where you might hide, you will be found and you will no longer be a threat to anyone. You will be dead. But who is The Apparition? Why is this nighttime hooded figure killing th...
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The Apparition
Captain Tucker Conway lands on Mars with the cargo of twenty horses requested by the space settlers. The colony survives, but the planet itself has a secret, one that the young captain is determined to discover.
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The Equus Mars Mission
Somebody calling himself The Phantom Marker is writing bad poetry as he marks up the school’s hallways. The Principal thinks Tate and Mountain are the guilty people. They set out to prove the Principal is wrong by attempting to capture The Phan...
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The Two Champions
In “Decision,” Adam Cavanaugh wants to become a published writer and a spaceman. Who is the man who tells him otherwise? In “The Door,” Tyler Jones Grant is determined to open it. When he manages to do so the unexpected hap...
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Other Worlds, Other Universes
Doris Meadows had twelve million dollars, a mansion, a bird aviary, and a very bad heart. All Stacey Ryan had to do was to marry her and wait for her heart to give out. It was all very simple. Or was it?
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The Aviary
When Thanet Blake checked into police headquarter he had no idea he was going to be asked by police captain Holt to find the killer of serial killer Stanley Sudowsky. Thanet agreed to look around because Holt told him he was a suspect. Can Thanet ...
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Thanet Blake
  Dreyfus Shayne Templar from 2013 is shanghaied to 2513 by a time crook named Merlin Krump. Drey’s mind is altered by Krump so that he knows he has a true love named Angelina. But where is she? How and when did he know her? &nb...
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My Angelina Mine
Cousin Alice’s chocolate bar has been purloined. Petey has six hours before his stern Aunt Jennifer returns from shopping. It’s panic time for him. He was supposed to take care of Alice. Can he save the day by finding the missing candy...
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The Mystery of the Purloined Chocolate Bar
Ah-h…King Arthur, Lancelot, Sir Percival, Sir Gawain, Sir Galahad, and dozens others. They are the names of legendary heroes, Knights of the Round Table.
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A word of caution about the stories written by someone who is using the name Wayne Greenough. You might wish to live them, which he might have done. It is up to you to decide whether he did or didn’t. If he did, then you can do the same thin...
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Science Fiction from Out There
  Marty Fisk doesn’t like school. In the schoolroom he sits in the back row of desks and either falls asleep or writes about his heroes on his Smartphone. Who are his heroes? Well, there’s Captain Dan Dazzle of the Planet Patr...
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Marty Fisk
One could say that Hawkins O’Brien is a most unusual person. For seven years his dreams have been saturated with his love for Erika. Just who is Erika? Hawk can’t remember. Is she real, or just a dream? What will happen to change Hawk ...
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After spending seventeen months on Space Station Pluto, Ensign Shawn Michael MacTavish returned home to discover his wife, Lorelei Lunar, had been murdered. The guilty person was none other than Basil T. Huntington, who was a power unto himself. T...
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The Lorelei Murder
One look at the two teenagers told me they were scared as much as humans can be and with good reason. They were wearing scarlet Boas, a symbol for a certain group of streetwalkers who were being murdered by a maniac the police hadn’t been ab...
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The Boa Murders
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