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As an atheist, Calvin Deeds has no truck with either God or the devil. So when he's possessed by an evil spirit who calls itself Satan, he doesn't believe it. But the manifestations are horribly persuasive, the house shakes, and he is flun...
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The Sexorcist
Parker meets Anthony, a.k.a. Ant, through an advertisement for a nude yoga class. After depression robbed him of almost everything in his life, Parker started teaching the classes, determined to get back all his mental illness took from him. So wh...
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The Art of Romance
Jake and as Butch have been best friends since school. They even moved in together after graduating. Both are motorbike enthusiasts, although Jake is mad about Ducatis while Butch prefers Harley Davidsons. One day, knowing the one and only local t...
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Somwhwere Else
Dis, the ancient word for Hell, is a world parallel to our own, close enough for its inhabitants to pass back and forth from their realm into ours, collecting souls and tormenting believers. Charam is a handsome devil who can easily pass for ...
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Of Love and Punishment
Swimming is the perfect, low-impact choice for a whole body workout. The rewards aren’t only a swimmer’s body -- a perfect V-shaped torso, muscular shoulders, and zero body fat -- but also the cavalcade of other sculpted bodies you can...
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Muscled Shower Show
Australia’s Outback is a tough place to work. The heat, the red dirt that gets into everything, the flies, and above all, the isolation. Mining is big business in Western Australia, but it’s hard work. No doubt about it. Twelve hours o...
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In the future deep space travel is a regular occurrence. After completing a mission to take supplies to Earth 2, or Genesis as the colonists call it, something goes horribly wrong with the space shuttle returning Adam Evans and his crew mates t...
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The year is 2029, and Marco has been working on a time travel machine. His friend Derek suggests they try it out, but even as he programs the machine for ancient Rome, he doesn't think it'll work. The next thing he knows, he’s p...
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When in Rome
Toby has just finished high school and, like most new graduates, he isn't sure what he wants to do with his life. One day he sees an advertisement for deckhands in a local newspaper. What better way to earn a living and see the world than t...
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The Phantom
Matthew is not a happy man. On the eve of his 40th birthday, he stands naked before a full-length mirror and assesses what he sees reflected within. Sure, his body is toned and well-maintained. His job is physical and defined muscles are a result ...
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There are always strange sounds to get used to in a new house, but this is a step beyond creaks and groans. Maybe Tom doesn't notice the banging that comes from beneath the bed at night, but Jonah, his husband, sure does. Of course, he doesn&r...
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Under the Bed
  When night falls it drapes its cloak of darkness over the land. It is a time of shadows and of those creatures that move in shadow. What truly happens in the hours we spend sleeping blissfully unaware in our beds? Only the moon know...
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Brothers Of The Moon
Sequel to The King's Prize Pan is poisoned and, though he recovers, King Seronisis will not let the matter rest. There is a would-be killer in the palace and the culprit must be brought to justice. An afternoon spent with the royal a...
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The King's Justice
Pan is a simple, honest farm boy. In all his nineteen years, he has only ever known his father’s farm. Yet in the few moments each day he has to himself, he dreams of another life -- something more than the back-breaking work, the loneliness...
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The King's Prize
PUBLISHER WARNING This work of fiction contains themes that may offend some readers, purchaser discretion advised.  R18+ Adults Only Material. Night falls. Passions are released. Yet human desire is not the only thing the darkness bring...
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The Stroke Of Midnight
David is thankful to survive a plane crash and to make it ashore to an unknown island in the middle of nowhere. His first thought is of water and food, and after struggling through the undergrowth he finds a beautiful stream. He also finds Chip, a...
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An Island Lost
Nicholas Webster is a young, handsome and very successful lawyer. He has an extremely comfortable life and can afford anything his heart desires. However, there is something missing. Excitement? Danger? Pleasure? Therefore it is fortuitous that he me...
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Club Paradise
Evan is a man lost in the modern world. He has a job, a house, and a best friend. He also has a hole in his soul that he hadn’t even realized was there until one night he meets a mysterious stranger, lurking in the shadows of a tree-lined la...
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Love Eternal

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