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William Cook is a writer/illustrator from NZ. Previously published in Canta, Zephyr, Poetry NZ(20), Southern Ocean Review, Side Stream, Indite Circle & Blackmail Press (20). Short stories published in Remark (USA) issue 34 June '05 and Mindfire Renewed June '05. 'Devil Inside' published in Masters of Horror Anthology 2010. Cover artist and writer for Putrid Poetry & Sickening Sketches 2011. Debut novel: 'Blood Related,' published by Angelic Knight Press December 2011.

Follow me on Twitter - @williamcook666

Member of the Australian Horror Writers Association & the Horror Blogger Alliance

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Blood Related

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"Dark and deeply disturbing." - Jonathan Nasaw, author of Fear Itself and The Girls He Adored. "Blood Related is a nasty but nuanced take on the serial killer genre. Cook's bruising tale of twin psychopaths who are as col...
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Blood Related

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