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  ? Kai and Jae’s relationship has never been easy. Kai’s overbearing and ultra-traditional father has kept a tight leash on him. And being gay certainly isn’t on his father’s road map. Halfway through their secon...
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For His Love
Nathan and his partner David adopted his twin brothers after his father and step-mother were killed in a car accident. Raising two boys caused some turbulence for the couple, but they eventually adjusted. Now, six years later, the four celebrate C...
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Christmas Gifts
Since getting together romantically with his best friend Blake on the Fourth of July, Cameron hasn't seen his new boyfriend in three months. Blake's attending college in Seattle, and dealing with a cross-country romance has its challenges&...
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I'll Be Home
Cameron and Blake have been best friends since elementary school. But everything changed last summer, when, just before Blake left for college, Cam kissed him. The two spent a year apart, unable to confront their feelings for each other. Now it...
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