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What does a man do when he comes to love the child who was cloned to give him a new heart? Clonal Transplants, Inc. screws up when a rogue tech illegally grows a ten year old, sentient, female clone named Chloe to provide 56 year old Sam Turner wi...
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Chloe the Clone
        Click to Enlarge   Resurrection Primordium: Book Four William E. Mason Our Price: 5.99 USD ISBN-10: 1-77115-228-1 ISBN-13: 9781771152280 Genre: Science Fiction/Fiction/Adventure eBo...
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Resurrection, Book 4 of Primordium
John Lohner, a paleoanthropologist on a dig in northern Kenya, is driven to distraction by an inner voice. But can he achieve peace of mind when the voice belongs to a mysterious life form intent on nurturing in him the only remaining pure strain of ...
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Requiem, the leader of the few remaining humans on Earth dies before building A4-Ni, a universal constructor to spread their genome throughout space. His daughter, Akilah Rasmussen, steps forward to realize his dream. But will she persevere after she...
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n Primordium Book Two: Renaissance, black geneticist, Truman Justis, the son of Kamau, paleoanthropologist John Lohner's Kenyan assistant in Book One, seeks enlightenment in a universe of shifting realities. Siddhartha meets Rashomon. When A4-...
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