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EPIC Award Nominee William Wilde writes Suspense and Horror fiction. He also writes the Blog Murder Beach Mystery Reviews. Book titles available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBook.

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Teenager Julia Bell was locked up for years inside a basement room before she was freed. Journalist Robert Graham locates the adult Julia living as a recluse and wants to do a book on her ordeal, but he gets entangled in a dangerous new ...
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Julia's Room
Ten dark tales from the nightscape of human fears.
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An ancient, mythical evil inhabits a huge wooded city park. The Park is a vast, sinister place --- the largest forested green space inside the borders of an American city. But a series of savage attacks have recently occurred in the park. Som...
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The Park
In a Seattle courtroom, a modern day witchcraft trial takes place. Rachel Williams is the controversial leader of the Society of Medea, a secretive cult of female mystics. When the Society's occult practices are linked to frightening deat...
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The Society
A freeway crash survivor is haunted afterwards by a sinister, phantom figure. David Price survives a fatal freeway crash, but his nightmare has only begun. He's followed afterwards by a sinister stranger who claims she is a traveling sales ...
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The Rep
A woman's foolish public flashing stunt attracts a disturbed watcher, someone who wants to see more. The anonymous phone caller has one menacing demand: "Show me!" Are the calls related to the recent string of violent assaults by a s...
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Show Me

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http://billsmedia.blogspot.comMURDER BEACH BLOG has Mystery and Horror reviews from Books, Movies, and TV.

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