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Honey West is prepared to do anything to get the part. Kneeling before her sleazy new boss, she meets Beau Knight, the sexy co-director of the adult movie she plans to star in. Can she keep her new boss at bay or will their obvious attraction throw a...
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A Taste of Honey
How far would you go to pay the bills? Clara is a widow, living alone with a sporadic job and a pile of bills. When a young male friend of her daughter’s tells her he’s always fancied her, one thing leads to another and she ends up ful...
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Cast from his body thousands of years before, the waif sees her and wants her. The shadowy form seduces the lovely Lotta then seeks to find a way to possess her as the man he once was. Rich and successful and under the watchful eye of his dominant...
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Seduced by a Waif

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