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     Cold War submariner and history buff Winfield Strock’s creative imagination always kept him entertained beneath the waves.  With his naval career behind him and  the uncertainty of civilian life ahead he began his first novel.  Undeterred by a brain tumor and driven more fervently after successful surgery, Winfield hopes to light the same imaginative spark in others as the authors of his inspirations did for him.

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A Note From Winfield H. Strock

New Year’s Resolutions, Aim High or Low?

            By the time anyone reads this, statistics say, most people will have already let slip their commitment to resolutions made less than a month ago.  My slightly behind the curve words on the subject only illustrate why I don’t make them in the first place.  I’m a procrastinator with a guilt complex about punctuality.  If I don’t promise to be a better person, there’s at least one less guilt in that formula.

            So this year, I’ve been challenged and coerced into imagining my resolutions.  I say ‘imagining’ because that’s my loophole for not imploding next December when they’ve not budged an inch from the fast food receipt I scribbled them on.

            Before the first letter hits the page I approach a fork in the road.  Aim for the moon with my resolutions or only a little bit higher than a stepladder will take me?

            Utopian resolutions serve two great purposes.  Anyone who can even imagine themselves performing such selfless, saintly acts deserves a pat on the back.  Secondly, if by year’s end, I haven’t invented ‘television for the mouth’ (my imagined cure for obesity and malnutrition, you eat what’s good for you while a machine treats your taste buds favorite flavor), nobody can blame me.

            On the other hand, limbo level goals suffer two drawbacks.  If I stay focused and determined enough to make my garage clutter free and clean, who holds a party in my honor for taking one step back from a spot on ‘Hoarders’?  Secondly, who would you even share this lame promise with?  Tell your spouse and they’ll likely come back with, “Finally!” or “What did you do?  What are you making up for that I don’t know about?”

            So in the end, I come up with perfect resolutions.  What do you get for the man who has everything?  Nothing.  What kind of resolutions can a procrastinator proclaim proudly?  The immeasurable.

I resolve to do more, and less.  This year I will smile more, love more, laugh more.  By next New Year’s Eve I aim to worry less, cuss less, and yes, procrastinate less.  To become a better person, that’s what resolutions are all about Charlie Brown. 

And if I only manage to become better by an inch, I won’t be ashamed of failure, or afraid to claim victory.  I might not share my scorecard with anybody else though.  But that’s our little secret.  And maybe that inch into a brighter future helps me squeeze two inches into the light next year.  Perhaps it isn’t the size of the step, but the direction it’s headed.

Current Releases
After Rex's victory in 'The Perfect Telescope', he begins the daunting task of winning others over to his cause. Amidst his crusade he finds love, grows up, and sheds the final lie of his childhood. In the end, he finds himself hiding ...
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Zealots Folly
Abandoned by his parents, imprisoned by machines, Rex fights to understand why. With an expansive library and tools offered to ease his otherwise maddening solitude, he labors to invent his salvation. In a desperate gamble, he’ll either peer...
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The Perfect Telescope
Dangerous questions lead to devastating answers as Rex grows to manhood and wonders about the futuristic world beyond his idyllic family cabin in the woods. What secret justified his isolated childhood and which of his parents’ stories holds...
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The Veneer Clause
  In this sequel to Adventures Above the Aether, in 1883, an unscrupulous duo, the Dummond brothers, steal secrets from the first expedition to fuel their bold ambitions; to lead humanity into space and immortalize themselves in chronicle...
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Aether Legion
Nightmares and wet dreams; a beguiling phantom visits a young couple, but for what purpose?  In their dream home, with their newborn child, Bradford and Lisa struggle to keep love alive in a relationship where passion died.  And where pa...
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Poisoned Passions
Goaded into adventure by an old friend, writer Julian Turleau invites a young inventor and his wife into his home.  Their goal?  Invent the first wireless communications and make their mark on world history.  When fear and jealousy ...
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Voices Above the Aether
__ Stars, too distant to reach in my time, beckon, tease, beguile.These celestial maidens only reveal enough to draw further attention.To send a single explorer to these cosmic oases threatens to sap the resources of an entire planet.How to visit,...
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The Pollinators
What secret is big enough to justify hiding mankind’s first foray into space from history?  In 1881, in an age of steel, steam and innovation, an eclectic collection of adventurers gather. As resources pour in and hints at breakthrough ...
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Adventures Above the Aether

A Peek Into the Life of Winfield H. Strock

Cover art for my book

Cover art for my book
My son and I at MegaCon

My son and I at MegaCon
Me in the navy; closest to the coffee cup. We're driving the USS Rhode Island to persicope depth.

Me in the navy; closest to the coffee cup. We're driving the USS Rhode Island to persicope depth.
My sweetheart and I on date night.

My sweetheart and I on date night.

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