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Winter Bayne

I was a closet writer that shredded or burned her stories hours after finishing them, never allowing another set of eyes to chance a read. After spending a year in the hospital surviving NHL cancer, I met my Other Half, West. He replaced my lack of faith in myself with his own unrelenting encouragement. Now, we’re living our own happily ever after while adopting a little girl, Bella. I’ve set my compass towards my dreams and I’m going after them.

During the day I can be found with my Ragdoll cat in my lap and a book in my hands or spending time with my motley family. After the sun goes down and the stars come out, I release the characters in my imagination to cause chaos in fantasy worlds.

I’m somewhat of an antisocial hermit, but I can be coaxed from my writing nook with B horror movies, yarn, or Shiraz.

I’m living proof that it is indeed always the quiet ones that are the naughtiest.

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A Note From Winter Bayne

My debut story is in Breathless Press Secret Identities. Release Feb 2015.

Current Releases
First place Story Earth Elemental: Tiera Elementals are myths, distorted legends at best that is until Reis and Aryon come face to face with an Earth Elemental known in stories from long ago as a Tiera.
Available Now!
The Knight Temptress
Shade is an average woman until the government uses her as a human guinea pig, forever changing her life with new superhuman powers. Striker is an ex-military man who sees the benefit of genetically altered humans and turns his vision into a multi-mi...
Available Now!
Secret Identities

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