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Yamila Abraham founded the publishing company Yaoi Press in 2004 and published over 50 graphic novels, many she wrote herself.

Abraham is a prolific writer of male/male romance, yaoi, yaoi graphic novels, science fiction romance, and erotica.  She's known for explicitly detailed love scenes and dynamic premises.  She wrote two of Yaoi Press' best selling series: Winter Demon and Dark Prince. Her best known ebooks include Maelstrom, UnPrison, Alien's Bride, and the Vanquished series.

Abraham has been a speaker or guest of honor at 150 anime fan conventions.


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"I must ask you--with greatest respect, Lord Demon..." The general looked up with eyes maddened by fury. "Why do you drape your arm around the Divine Emperor with such intimate familiarity?" Rodukjo stared down his nose at the ...
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The Demon and the Emperor (Yaoi Fantasy)
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