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My muse strikes me in the strangest places. I find myself searching for something to write an idea on at the strangest times. Other times, she dismisses me for days, even weeks at a time.

I love the fantasy genre because it entails so many things. Its fun to spice it up a little as well. There should be something for everyone who reads my books.

Current Releases
Maraisal is a forest elf who has been kidnapped by humans. Van is a human who lives with a family curse to live as a lycanthrope for a portion of his life. When he was young he fell in love with Maraisal but kept it to himself never believing she ...
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Lair of the Lycanthrope
Zylena is a girl who controls the wind but her life is hardly her own. Leaving her small village, she travels with her Element Mate to the city of Tivolty seeking her father. The trip is...eventful. She is given into the care of dashing assassin t...
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Windswept- War of the Elements

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