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Yvonne Pat Wright, in happy retirement, enjoys reading, in several genres, but finds it hard to accept obscenity and accept it as standard author’s license.   A devout Christian she teaches in church and is a trained lay preacher.  Born in Kingston, Jamaica she has spent equal number of years living alternatively in Jamaica and the United Kingdom. She’s won the hearts of daughters, grandsons and nieces and several ‘adopteds’ with her hearty home cooked meals, delicately spiced and served up with healthy doses of the value of Christian living. She is particularly pleased to have been ‘mother’ to a very famous singing family, the Jackson Five.

From Spice to Eternity: Discovering the main ingredient to a life of fulfilment and purpose,is her first book and a sequel is in progress.  She also intends to switch to fiction writing and the plot and outline is being developed.

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A Note From Yvonne Pat Wright

My book From Spice to Eternity is a treasure trove of stories, information and to do stuff.  You'll enjoy the stories, that will hae you laughing, crying and wanting more.  But before you get to the stories, delve into tiny morsels of data on the several herbs and spices mentioned in the book.  And as if all that was not enough, at the end of each chapter, there;s a delicious recipe to prepare and share.  There's even a recipe for prepare an aromatic bath lotion and one for a floral wreath made from herbs and spices to hang in the kitchen or dining room.

But most of all, From Spice to Eternity is an inspiration guide.  The stories relate earthly situations which are best resolved using scriptural references, to encourage, uplift and exhort the reader. 

These easy to ready chapters are suitable for all readers in all age groups.

The photos on my Picture page are from the places that I write about in the book.

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What does life have to throw at you to wake you up. Spices and herbs do it for recipes, but in life, the answer is much more elusive.  An intriguing Journey with Yvonne Pat Wright into her life of heartbreak, disappointment and despair and ho...
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From Spice to Eternity:Discoveering the main ingredinet to a life of fulfilment and purpose

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Milton Keynes, Willen Lake

Milton Keynes, Willen Lake
Bahamas, Coral Gardens

Bahamas, Coral Gardens
Gairloch, Scotland

Gairloch, Scotland
Jamaica, Ocho Rios

Jamaica, Ocho Rios

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