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Zoe Monaco

Travel. Luxury. Adventure. Sex. These are the things I live for, what I crave when I'm alone, bored, scared, just out of bed, doing the dishes, working.

If you're like me, you crave these things too. You have the occasional wild fantasy. Maybe you fantasize about being whisked off by an incredibly sexy stranger with a foreign accent for a weekend on a private yacht. Or maybe you dream of finding the person you love most in the world on a quiet street in Paris, being wooed and deeply satisfied on every level.

I write to share my own fantasies with you. The stories I tell often involve travel and luxury, always steamy sex, sometimes love and romance.

I hope you find excitement and adventure between the pages of my books and, even if for just a moment, live out one of your own fantasies.

Getting You Off, One Word at a Time

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