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"It all begins between the ears." - A.H. Scott


Draped in freedom's spirit, A.H. Scott is a sizzling scribe of unveiling sensuality. Residing in the Northeastern United States, this writer is armed with pouting pen of passion and pulsating digits pounding against keyboard. Between this lady's manicured fingers, a snaggy stylus lacerates parchment and masticates digits against a misting keyboard towards a just climax literary longing.

 She's a new voice and vision of fiction dipping her toe into the pond of publishing. 

 Her writing and art is just an extension of the passion she feels for living. Every day alive can bring something new into one beings heart and soul. Art can change the world. Be it through words, or images. Sometimes, a mixture of both can get a person to think and ponder the larger meaning of being beyond just the skin which we all live within. It could be something as simple as a single tear on a beach. Or, maybe it can be as enormous as the universe beyond the stars. It all depends on where you sit in your own psyche.



                         - My Philosophy -




"As an author, I enjoy letting my characters and plots that I've created get inside of the reader's heads. I make a promise to anyone that rolls the dice and catches a glimpse of my work that you will never be bored. Your eyes, mind and soul shall be thrilled. This is my bond to you, the reader. No simplicity ever from A.H. Scott. Always complexity is my main intent on anyone who reads my work." - A.H. Scott

“I want the reader to be affected in two ways - above the neck & below the belt”. - A.H. Scott
"I don't write for children. I write for adults". - A.H. Scott
"I believe art should be as enigmatic as the artist who creates it." A. H. Scott

"Silence is acceptance. Acceptance is conquest. Conquest is a rainbow obscured by a black cloud of contempt".

- A.H. Scott







A Note From A.H. Scott


A.H. Scott is poet collaborator with internationally acclaimed photographer Tony Ward at TonyWardStudio. Come and take a peek for yourself, at the evocative photos from the talented lens of Tony Ward and titillating prose from the mind of A.H. Scott.. 

Just type in my name in the search bar and you'll find me in Tony Ward's arena of art and provocation.

lens & pen intersect in a blistering combination....;)


                       *****SPECIAL BONUS*****

Author A.H. Scott narrates a 24 minute audio segment of her novel, "Over My Head". Hear the sparks fly between the main characters in this saucy snippet of this contemporary erotic romance of secrets, lies, and murderous obsession. 



                ****VIDEO FEATURED ON YOUTUBE****

                "Over My Head: Reality Drops A Bitter Pill"




Videos by A.H. Scott

A Message from A.H.

Current Releases
    Brian fell in love with a dream. Yet, the fantasy was a nightmare, because this woman was not what she seemed. Her name was....."Sangre". ...."In the end....we are left with ourselves&quo...
Available Now!
Sangre (Daughters Of The Rose Moon)
    Justice is just right when a hero is in sight. When an honest man takes a stand, evil schemes don't go as planned. This is "Trouble At Timber Trail (A Russell Harmon Western)". In 1863, a stranger in the...
Available Now!
Trouble At Timber Trail (A Russell Harmon Western)
      Even the sightless can see themselves in the catbird seat...... Opportunities can be like balloons. Sometimes elevated by an optimistic breeze. Sometimes obliterated by arrows through burning trees. It all ...
Available Now!
Over My Head: Inferno
  Regret does not eradicate the past.... In life, sometimes a queen of hearts doesn't hold all the aces. The lies which we tell ourselves can construct a spine to the weak and a reflection in the mirror that masks a reali...
Available Now!
Over My Head: Haywire
    Love holds no sanity...... Love can make a man sacrifice everything for just the sake of being alive. Being cherished in the heart of the woman he loved was his only wish. Or, was this just a soul ensnared in the myth of...
Available Now!
Over My Head: Salvation
Strap in for a tempestuous trip from the mind of A.H. Scott. You can take off without even leaving the ground. Now Boarding!! Now Boarding!! This is “A Missed Flight”. As Nancy saw her flight take off the grou...
Available Now!
A Missed Flight
Lust by Land! Seduction by Sea! Arousal by Air! What kind of trip could this possibly be? The fact is; it doesn't matter how you get there, but that you arrive with glee. It's “Three Scoops of Decadence” by A.H. ...
Available Now!
Three Scoops Of Decadence
Danger is closer than you think.......... Murder in a sleepy Michigan town leads to an investigation that uncovers a conspiracy just beneath the cloak of civility. A couple attacked. Two lives destroyed. Truths become exposed in the hars...
Available Now!
Buckets Of Rain (Book One)
See what happens when an ordinary woman and extraordinary man cross paths. This is "Jennifer". Jennifer never saw herself as something special. She only saw herself as something different. Sometimes things that are different hold a ...
Available Now!
Private detective Delilah Archer is hired by a socialite to investigate her daughter’s changing behavior and goings on at the prestigious school she attends. Behind the walls of the Baynebridge Academy, Southern charm of the student body h...
Available Now!
The Case Of The Cheeky Co-Ed (A Delilah Archer Mystery)
Jasmine needed a special type of tutoring in her first year of study at Tokyo University. A friend of hers, Kapaya, suggested she get a mentor instead. His name was Teyoko. Lessons Jasmine learned behind the walls of Teyoko’s ...
Available Now!
Origami: Jasmine's Journey
"Thorn - an erotic Halloween poem" by author A.H. Scott lets you take a bite out of a sexy n' spicy night.  A master has met his match.  Come and see for yourself in this FREE ebook.   ...
Available Now!
Romance can be tart. Romance can be sweet. Romance between two lovers can never be beat. Love's orchard harvests sweet results. Paula wanted to find a way to relieve Lorenzo's stress. A capable wife found the way to satisfy her h...
Available Now!
In Sophia’s eyes, Dale was the love of her life. Sophia always had a penchant for bad boys. And, Dale fit that mold of the rebel to it’s fullest. Motorcycle, leather jacket and muscles were Dale’s calling card of seducing sexy So...
Available Now!
In Sophia's Eyes
A silver etched invitation to an exclusive club leads a woman into a world of enlightenment, excitement and erotic enchantment. When you've got a golden ticket, you get to take a chocolate ride to Willy Wonka's. When you get a si...
Available Now!
The Chimes Of Nine
A wife’s pleasant surprise for her husband has unexpected reactions from both of them. Jane had been planning something interesting for Henry’s return from a long business trip. He’d given Jane a quite comfortable life and s...
Available Now!
The Dinner Date
In 1747 France, the Duke of Givenchy, Philippe Paramour was a man of power and position. Philippe's noble title gave him liberation of his most debaucherous yearnings. The Duke's favorite past-time was taking young peasant girls under his ...
Available Now!
The Sentence Of Anna
A.H. Scott opens her palms and reveals "Homecoming". Desire isn't only for the young. A couple reconnects in the most unexpected way. Gravity isn't a curse. It's a physical manifestation that makes us all remember our lu...
Available Now!
                                ***UPDATED & REVISED***   "OVER MY HEAD" is now "OVER MY HEAD: TIGHTROPE"!!   &n...
Available Now!
Over My Head
Read Review
    Secrets are like a rash. Irritation. Agitation. Frustration. Yet, they always rise to the surface. A husband's secret becomes a wife's gamble. Question is: Can a balancing act last forever? Or is trippin' jus...
Available Now!
Over My Head: Tightrope
Tanya was spoiled. She always got her way. Well, that was until a certain day. Her father's ranch help was treated like the horses they were charged to take care of. Larry the stable hand had other ideas to handle Tanya, as she would quickly f...
Available Now!
Breaking In
In a small, French village, a grand dame of envied collectibles has been murdered in the night, as a trail of treasure and tears leads onto the doorstep of an unsuspecting Vancouver auction house. Recaptured bobbles of devotion from two fated love...
Available Now!
In a small, French village, a grand dame of envied collectibles has been murdered in the night, as a trail of treasure and tears leads onto the doorstep of an unsuspecting Vancouver auction house. Recaptured bobbles of devotion from two fated love...
Available Now!
Rack Em
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         Sarah had always been a spectator in her own life....        That excitement she always longed for seemed as elusive as an aromatic inhalation of luxurious lilies in a sandstorm along lif...
Available Now!
Stroking Sahara

A Peek Into the Life of A.H. Scott

Debt. Desire. Disguise. Disillusion. "The Over My Head Saga"

Debt. Desire. Disguise. Disillusion. "The Over My Head Saga"




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...Prepare to go on a rollercoaster ride!! This is a page turner that keeps you guessing. I experienced lust, anger, rage, sadness, and happiness all in one book. Angie, as good a her intentions are, gets into a sticky situation to help her husband........





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A.H. Scott Interviews 

In2Views -

.................what’s the greatest piece of advice you would like to pass on?
I would say that you should never give up. Oh, boy, how cliche is that? But, then again, it’s true. Never give up your dreams. No matter how many people close the door of opportunity in your face. Keep on pushing forward with whatever your heart may wish. Only you can make the change in your life. Try and try again. And, maybe one day you’ll be lucky enough to have your work seen by the world...............


1 Place For Romance -

.......What is the hardest part of writing your books? The hardest part of me writing a book is placing the first word onto a page. If I can get that first word started, then a sentence will take shape. From there, some names, places, plot, and location comes next for me.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books? I have learned that I can get my own mind into some dark corners that I never figured were in my psyche. I’ve also realized that my writing isn’t designed for a meek reader...............


Romance At Heart Magazine -

....What truly motivates you in general? In your writing?

When I'm writing something, I try my best to see where it will take me. Not just thinking about what someone who reads my work will think about it. Seeing how the plot takes turns and twists, is a great motivator for not even knowing how I'll let a tale end. I'll be honest with you - it's quite liberating to know a character can say something or take an action, which will even make me as the writer, change how this being I've created will proceed.

Where do your ideas come from?

I hope this doesn't sound too weird, but for me it is just as simple as closing my eyes and starting to see the vision or imagery of what I could possibly write down.

Do you feel humour is important in women's fiction and why?

Women have to not be so brittle. And, I know that's a charged word for many women to hear. But, it's true. Let romance and desire take you to a place of releasing those old ways. Women don't have to be placed in a box of conformity and frigidity. Fiction can take a female character from being just a docile lamb to being a tigress, if she can laugh at herself and even the circumstances that surround her life on the pages of a book............


Whipped Cream Reviews Guest Blog -

                                             Hard Or Soft: As You Like It
                                                         A.H. Scott

Taking a page from the Bard of Avon's titled, "As You Like It"; I'm diving into the choppy waters of what drives the consumer to choose soft-core romance or hardcore erotica.

In some ways, it's almost like asking why do some people like plain vanilla and others can't get enough Cherry Garcia.

There is really no concrete answer to either question.

A consumer's sensibility in the arena of sexuality is truly the key. One thing that does intrigue me is how a person would purchase my more erotic works, if they had to do it in public. Then, for me, that's the question I'd like to know the answer to. Can a smiling grandmother with white hair and chubby cheeks stand in a bookstore and ask for something really naughty to purchase, without having the eyes of displeasure hoisted upon her?

Well, it depends on who the grandma is.

Or, that stone faced businessman (you know exactly who you are out there); the one that no one would ever guess is so wicked behind closed doors in what he partakes in. Would he be the one who would go to a bookstore and purchase one of my naughtiest tales of tempestuous desire and temptation, for all the other customers to see?

Well, if that man's balls were as big in the boardroom, as they are in the bedroom, he wouldn't truly give a damn. But, then again, society would look down upon him. And that would be no matter how high a successful man he was............

Midnight Fantasies With Naomi Shaw -

.....Is there a specific genre you would like to write but not done yet?

When I was younger, I thought maybe writing young adult fiction would be something I’d be interested in doing. But, after I got a little bit older; I realized to myself, that I gotta be honest in the type of writer that I am.

The short stories that I did write in the young adult genre, definitely could not have the depth that I truly needed to express myself. And, that’s not even coming near attempting to get into adolescent bubblings of teenage sexuality. Oh no, I wouldn’t even take a pen to get into that subject at all. To me, it seems that there is more than enough YA books out there already.

So, I keep on the safe side of the road and keep it to the adults to handle the interactions of females and males in their mature years......



Molly's Erotic Meanderings -

......... The way I see things, Molly, X is just another letter in the alphabet. Just like 69 and 96 are just numbers. It all depends on what position they are placed. Down or up, those digits rock and roll, baby.

Hypocrites always use a high hand on things they think are beneath them, when they themselves are doing things less than stellar in their own lives. (In other words - put down your stone at someone else's glass house, before a boulder boomerangs into your own backyard)

X isn't a curse, Molly. It can be a liberating sign of not conforming to what critics and prudes in our society think isn't worthy of their 'virginal' senses.

By the way, don't worry about getting flak about the porn and erotica coin, Molly. A person who is willing to expand their own horizons of what artistic vision is does not attempt to create a caste system of what touches the reader's senses.

 In fact, the most intimate part that can be reached isn't that which tingles at the thought of images conjured before their eyes; but in their psyche.......... 



Toni V. Sweeney -

......As a writer, it would be so easy to make every man a standard lead. Of course, he’d be Man of Steel or Man Of Green. His chiseled muscles and perfect persona would get the readers all dewy-eyed with admiration. Similarly, creating a Snidely Whiplash character who snickers with a handle-bar moustache, while watching the locomotive moving towards the tied damsel on the tracks; can be simple.

Yet, as a writer, simple can be vanilla. And, I’ve always been partial to mint chocolate chip. So, here’s the scoop from my perspective.

A hero might not have that courage and confidence, which is seen at first. In actuality, a barely visible streak of yellow peppers a trail down his back. Oh, yes - I said it. The hero can be the coward.

"You cannot be a hero without being a coward." - George Bernard Shaw......



FEATUREME2 Interview -

The FeatureMe2 Interview With Author A.H. Scott (originally published - April 25, 2011)

.........4)   What are the most important elements of good writing? According to you, what tools are must-haves for writers?Plot, characters, and location are good elements. A must have in today's world is access to the internet. If not, it will be a monumental task to be published for the world to see. Another tool is an army of books. Get as many research books that you possibly can. Then make sure you have your own mini-library of thesaurus, dictionary, et. al.  

5) What motivates you to write?    For me, writing is a stress reliever. No matter how hectic the day can get, there is always an ability to take pen to paper or finger to keyboard and let the words flow..........



A.H. Scott Soundclick

A.H. Scott Soundclick Artist Page - 



(Articles originally published in the late & great website OYSTERS & CHOCOLATE) 


(Originally published September 2007 - "Saucy September")

He wanted more.

Standing there, this woman was becoming a fidgety female of impending frigidity. "What do you want me to say?"

Planting hands on either side of this counter around her and taking a straddling stance, a steely voice pounced a response. "I want you to say 'yes.Yes, I want you with me.' I want to be satisfied and you want to be fucked. And you want me to be taken care of the same way as I am. Lady, that's what I want to hear, if this is what you really desire from me, as I from you."

Holding left hand to his chest height, she compressed against white cotton and muscle, while using a flirtatious twist of a few exposed hairs around a coral painted nail, "Yeah, I do, I-I do," nervously nibbling bottom lip, while exuding a whiff of embarrassment over responding to this yearning male with a glint of girlish torment.

Games of that sort were not in his bag of temptation's tricks. Realizing it was up to this blooming blossom to determine just how far this heated harvest would ascend: "Show me, baby. Show me," speaking to her as if he were an army drill instructor.

She wanted more.

Clasping his face in hands, she delivered a forcefully placed kiss of lip saturating craving to him..........





(Originally published May 2011) 

"A guilty conscience needs to confess. A work of art is a confession."-Albert Camus

Today, when we hear a vigorous debate over the United States Constitution, it's mostly on the plain of The Second Amendment (the right to bear arms). Alas, it’s The First Amendment, which gives us all the freedom to express ourselves as we wish.

And, this is especially the cause and core of being here on Oysters & Chocolate writing this article......










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