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Fern Cook started out as a freelance writer in the late 90's doing articles for how-to and inspirational markets. Today she writes about her passions: small town life, the great outdoors, and all the animals that inhabit this planet with us. When it comes to genres, Fern does not stick with one. If a genre existed for animal stories, that would be her genre.

All the characters in Fern Cook's stories are at the crossroads of life. It's their chance to grow or run and hide. It's their chance to prove themselves or a time blend into the background with everyone else.

Many of the places described in Wild Evolution are set in Grand County, Colorado, where Fern worked as a patrol deputy. Aside from being a patrol deputy, Fern also processed many crime scenes as a crime-scene tech.

Currently Fern is working on the second book in the Wild Evolution series. Also in the line up for future novels is an adventure story about finding the Garden of Eden, and an unusual tale about the afterlife.

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