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Cherie Amour has been married for several years to a man who personifies the ideal hero. His love and passion for life have made her see the beauty in this world and in herself. Love is a powerful emotion. It gives us life and makes us grow to what we are meant to be.

This belief along with Cherie’s passion for writing led her to become a romance writer. She writes from her heart and soul. Her characters and their stories have become quite real to her and she hopes they will have the same effect on her readers, bringing them hours of pleasurable reading.
Current Releases
[Siren Classic: Erotic Historical Paranormal Romance] Ever since her mother was killed by a madwoman, Geva Fairchild has led a hard, lonely life, but that all changes when she discovers an injured, hands...
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Fateful Desires
Just when James Colfield wants to get away to mend his broken heart, a gorgeous brunette literally falls into his lap. Before he knows it, he's smitten with Miss Amazon. The problem is she's his new supervisor who has a huge chip on he...
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Hard At Work
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What do you do when you catch your husband in bed with his ex? That’s what Samantha Jenkins asks herself one heart-wrenching night when she pays her husband, Leo San Rocco, a visit in a sexy negligée, hoping to lure him back, ...
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Let's Get Physical
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