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Reach for the moon, because even if you miss, you will be among Stars!!!

39 year-old mom of two beautiful girls that are 21 and 18 and now understanding what my parents went through when I was that age. So proud of my oldest who is now living on her own and very proud of my youngest because I know she will make the right decisions and choices in life and I will be there to guide her.

I have published a book through another publisher but the contract has now ended and the book is no longer in print. I am working on re-editing and re-vamping that book to soon submit on Amazon and of course, work on that sequel everyone keeps bugging me about! hey mom! *laughs*

Currently right now I have several writing projects going on and I am having a blast coming up with interesting characters and places.

Come back soon because there will be changes and additions!!!

Happy Reading and Writing all!

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Current Releases
What would you do if one day you woke up from a really nasty dream to find yourself in the body of a cat?  That’s exactly what happened to me. My name is Michael, well now its Michelangelo and I am a cat. Yea, you heard me right.
Available Now!
Michelangelo - Spirit Walkers
Growing up outside of Stellamaris, a small village spellbound and controlled by a demon blood goddess, Amirae is traumatized and left an orphan by her mother’s gruesome death. Blood, sacrifices, and rumors of an eighteen-year-old boy trained...
Available Now!
Amirae's Moon Spirit
Thelcradia, once a joyish and thriving kingdom, has now succumbed to darkness and despair. Dark magic and the curse of a werewolf envelope Thorus, the King’s twin brother, while at the same time affecting an innocent village girl, Riahder. ...
Available Now!
The Bzou Curse

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