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I have been writing for  years. I have a few books available now that you can see on my website. . I write romance books I love happy endings. hope you will check out my books and stop by my blog. Donna you can also follow me on twitter donnacrocker1. hope you will stop by 

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If You would like a free bookmark of any of my books, Please email me and let me know which one you would like at  You can go see all of my books on my website.     hi just wanted to let everyone know that my books can now be found at my new publisher.www.Solstice  I hope you check them out. they have alot of great books and are growing everyday.                                                        
Current Releases
Allison doesn't know who is stalking her or why. After weeks of getting strange gifts and hang up calls, she has no choice but to go on the run. She calls her friend Nathan and hides out with him in his mountain cabin. Allison thinks that he will be ...
Available Now!
Shadows in the Dark
Beth, pregnant and recently windowed, leaves her apartment in search of something more. She had no idea what that something might be. She has a lot to overcome, being a now single mother to be. Even more is thrown at her when she wrecks her car in th...
Available Now!
Time Will Heal
The lightening was crashing and the thunder was rolling as Angela Thompson stood on that bridge looking down at the river below. She wouldn't believe that he was gone. Police cars were blocking the road and the lights were flashing. She could see the...
Available Now!
A Lost Love
Sabrina Madison is different than most people. She sees things that others don't. This isn't always something that she wants. She starts having dreams of a serial killer killing women She knows how, where, when but what can she do to help? If she goe...
Available Now!
The Eyes Of A Killer

Available Now!
Silence In The Hills

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