*Twisted E-Publishing is NOT currently open for submissions*

Twisted E-Publishing is a royalty paying publisher.  Covers and edits are done by industry professionals.  Manuscripts are contracted for a two year period.  A 60% net royalty is the standard on both e-books and print.

All books are offered in e-book format on Amazon, All Romance, Bookstrand, and Smashwords (and their third party vendors, such as Barnes and Noble, Diesel Ebook, etc)

Print is considered for books, anthologies, or collections/series over 45K with reasonable sales through our vendor partners.  Our print copies are offered via Createspace (On-Demand Printing).


What we’re looking for:

  • HEAT! If the pages aren’t on fire as we read it, then we’re not the publisher for you.
  • Erotic Romance and Erotica in any subgenreContemporary, LGBTQ, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Historical, Futuristic, and the list goes on.  MFM/MMF and BDSM are of specific interest, but we are open to other subgenres.
  • Frank graphic language.  No purple prose here!  Let’s call it what we see it (although for repetition’s sake, the infrequent use of a colorful term here and there won’t be penalized.)
  • Romantic Threads and a STORY.  Heat sells, but this is NOT pornography.  Give us emotion!  Give us goosebumps!  Make us ache! *For erotic romance, there must be a HEA or HFN, otherwise it will be deemed erotica.
  • Strong writing skills  If your manuscript is overflowing with poor grammar, lackluster sentence structure, typos, head hopping, etc, etc…then we’re not the publisher for you.  Please ensure you send us your best work and that it’s thoroughly polished.
  • A Realistic Plot line  Even if it’s in the Sci-Fi, futuristic, or paranormal subgenre, there are bounds the reading public will go to follow you on your path.
  • Good characterization.  Let’s have real, flawed people who readers can identify with.
  • Did we say lots of HEAT?


What we’re NOT looking for:

  • Incest or Psuedo-incest  No Loving the Stepmom or the Stepsister, please
  • Pedophelia  All characters included in sexual acts must be over 18
  • Scat or Watersports
  • Bestiality  this does not apply to shapeshifters (ie:  werewolves, bear shifters, etc)
  • Snuff Play/Necrophelia  does not apply to the “undead” (ie vampires, zombies, etc)
  • Rape for Titillation  dubious consent is a fine line, tread it carefully


Previously Published Materials

We will make a decision on a case by case basis, but typically only consider previously published materials from in-house authors ONLY (and even that isn’t a guarantee.)


Book Lengths

Minimum MS length upon submission is 7K, unless the submission is for a posted call for an anthology.  Then length limits will be noted on the anthology post.

Maximum MS length is 70K.

Shorts:  7K to 15K

Novellas:  15K+ to 35K

Novels:  35K+ to 60K

Full-length Novels:  60K+ to 90K


Where/What to Send

Email first three chapters and final chapter to submissions@twistederoticapublishing.com along with a short introductory email including any past publishing experience and a one (1) page synopsis.  All manuscripts must be in 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced.  If we feel your work has potential, we will request the entire manuscript.  We do not accept book ideas on query without a completed manuscript unless you are already an author with the house and have a proven track record.