If you believe love is beautiful thing then Pink Petal Books wants to hear from you!

Pink Petal Books publishes romance novels. We publish all sub-genres (including BBW, I/R, paranormal, M/M, historical, contemporary, fantasy, suspense, all of it!) and all heat levels (from sweet to super-hot erotic). We believe no matter what form it takes that love is beautiful thing and we want our authors to embody this philosophy in their writing.

Our books focus primarily on the relationship between the characters (regardless of gender or number) and each story is unique to the characters and the journey they make to finding love and happiness.

We understand that as an author you have many choices when it comes to publishers. Here’s why you should publish with Pink Petal Books:

  • we pay 35% royalty on all electronic books sold through our Jupiter Gardens store
  • for sales through third party vendors, we pay 45% of net (To us, net means retail price minus whatever percentage the vendor takes. For example All Romance Ebooks gives the publisher 60% of the sale, which means a book priced at $5.00 gives the publisher $3.00 and the author’s royalty would be 45% or $1.35).
  • All books which meet sales goals (email for more details) and are over 50,000 words will go into print with no money requested or required from the author. Shorter works by the same author which meet sales goals may be combined into print versions.
  • Print books will be distributed through Ingrams and other outlets (including Amazon.com).
  • We pay royalty of 10% on cover price for print books regardless of sales outlet.

  • We offer complete and thorough editing.

  • We offer professional cover art.
  • Our contract terms are simple and easy to understand. We only ask for the rights that we’re going to use, and yes, we will negotiate on contract terms.
  • We provide a forum for author and publisher communications.
  • We ask for a promotional plan so that the author is made aware of what avenues s/he can use to promote his/her title(s). In this way, the publisher can help the author promote his/her book(s).
  • We also offer an affiliate program for our store. Earn an extra 5% on all purchases (including your own) generated by the links you put on your website. It’s like getting additional royalties!

What do we want?

Pink Petal Books seeks romance novels from 25,000-100,000 words in all sub-genres and with all heat levels. Our books focus on the romance, so give us stories about characters who we want to fall in love. Sexual content should be appropriate to the story and the characters. We will never ask you to add more sex for the sake of adding sex.

We do not want stories that contain bestiality, necrophilia, incest (including twincest), underage characters, bodily fluids used as sexual titillation (blood in the case of vampires can be considered an exception, but it must fit in with the story. No gore please.), or rape.

To have your work considered for publication please send the following in an email to meditor@pinkpetalbooks.com:

  • in the body of the email include a query letter detailing a brief synopsis, your publishing history (new authors welcome), and if the work was published before when and where
  • attach a short 2-3 page synopsis and the first three chapters in RTF or Word format
  • We would prefer that you also submit a promotional plan. You may download our form here. If clicking on the link doesn’t work, please do a right mouse click and choose SAVE AS. If you still have issues with this file, please either submit without it (it may be asked for later) or use the email address above to request it.

Please only submit/query for complete works.

We do welcome previously published works as oftentimes that is the “safest” way to try a new publisher.

If you have any questions, please use the email address or the Contact Us form on this website. Our goal is to respond to all submissions within 2-4 weeks, but hopefully much sooner. (I don’t like to wait to hear on my submissions, and I know you don’t either.)

We also have several special projects and lines. Please see our special projects for more information about these exciting opportunities.