Thank you for your interest in Kal-Ba Publishing. Following are our submission guidelines. If you determine that your manuscript meets these criteria, we welcome your submission.

Editorial Mission Statement

It is our mission to publish and distribute quality nonfiction and fiction books for adult, young adult, and children readers. Kal-Ba publishing is looking for manuscripts that engage the reader and encourage them to explore the depths of the unknown, guide, awaken, and inspire.  Additionally, Kal-Ba is seeking manuscripts that can offer new and ancient ways to tap into the magic of our body, mind, and soul.



Our readers are a diverse group, representing a range of age, job, and demographic categories. They all desire a high level of quality in the unique books Kal-Ba offers.  These unique characteristics within our books will be identified below under Kal-Ba content standards. Our primary markets include readers interested in:

  • Spiritually eclectic subjects

  • Metaphysical philosophies

  • Otherworldly curiosity (subjects to include-the afterlife; paranormal, ghosts, parallel dimensions, multi-dimensional existences, etc.)

  • Those conscious of health and wellness as well as alternative healing.

  • Connection with Divinity beyond mainstream spirituality (paganism, Wicca, Occult, Angels, etc.).


Book Categories  

Book Categories (Non-fiction & Fiction) published by Kal-Ba Publishing include:

  • Mind, Body, Spirit

  • Paranormal / Para-Dreaming

  • Spirituality

  • Supernatural

  • Past Lives

  • Parallel lives (worlds, universe)

  • Magic

  • New and Ancient Mysteries

  • Alternative Healing


Among the categories Kal-Ba will not accept submissions for:

  • General children’s books,

  • General or fantasy YA (young adult) novels

  • Romance and/or erotica

  • Cookbooks or Recipe collections

  • Humor and/or satirical

  • Photography

  • Gambling titles

  • Coffee-table publications.

  • Mainstream psychology

  • Subjects pertaining to a specific religion or religious philosophy that may be considered one sided or dogmatic.

  • Politics or any other subject that violates Kal-Ba’s mission to raise consciousness and a standard of unity.


As a new publishing company, we ask that you take a look around our website: Take a few moments to get to know us through the ‘about’ and ‘blog’ prior to submitting your manuscript to gain a perspective on the authors we are seeking.


Content Standards

IMPORTANT:  In keeping with Kal-Ba’s vision of offering well written and quality books for their market, editing is required for all submissions.  Kal-Ba can provide a list of editors for authors who have not made editing arrangements; however, the author is responsible for all charges incurred with the editing process unless otherwise arranged with Kal-Ba.  


Content research must be appropriately credited to where the information was derived.  Plagiarizing is a form of theft and will not be supported by Kal-Ba Publishing Co.  If at any time plagiarism is suspected, the publication will be immediately removed from all bookselling sites until the matter has been thoroughly investigated and resolved.  Any submission that has been plagiarized will result in immediate termination of the publishing contract.

Submissions should be written in Microsoft Word format (2007 or higher).  There are programs available to convert any other word program to a Word format.  This is one program that is free to download for conversions -  Manuscripts hand written or written in another format will not be accepted. 


Author Standards

Authors must be proficient in written communication. Kal-Ba prefers authors who have credentials in their written topic to present these clearly on their proposals.  In keeping with Kal-Ba’s mission to assist writers in bringing out their messages to the reader, credentials are not required. 

Authors will need to develop a marketing strategy and publicity platform.  This can include but is not limited to:  radio show hosting, webpage, blog, You Tube tutorial, public speaking engagements and events, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or other social media.  Kal-Ba offers a service to train authors in learning how to develop a publicity platform if necessary.  

Kal-Ba considers their relationship with their authors to be a collaborative effort therefore, the author will be considered equally responsible in the successful marketing of their book.


How to Submit Book Proposals

All fiction must pertain to one of the categories listed above. All fiction manuscripts must come with a completed (edited) manuscript - including; table of contents, if applicable, and a simple one page proposal presenting / summarizing the story.

All non-fiction manuscripts must pertain to one of the categories listed above. All non-fiction must come with a completed manuscript (edited) - including; table of contents, a one paragraph summary about the topic, and a concise descriptive answer to the following question: ‘Why did you write on this particular topic?’

We will not consider unfinished manuscripts or any proposals that do not meet the criteria written above. 

When submitting a manuscript please include a short introduction/ biography about you, the author. This will include any credentials and titles of any other publications written.

Please be sure to include contact information when submitting a manuscript:  email / phone number / mailing address.

Preference will be given to all submissions sent through electronic mail to  Please send as a word document attachment and not in the body of the email.

Snail Mail Submissions:  If you choose to send your manuscript via ‘snail mail’ please mail it to the address below. Include an email address with your manuscript and if you would like us to return your submission via mail, a self-addressed, stamped appropriate sized envelope must be included with your submission.  Submissions without a self-address stamped envelope/package will not be returned.  Please do not call or email us looking for your submission after it has been sent or rejected.


Snail Mail Manuscripts should be addressed to:

Attn: Lorri Woodmansee

Executive Editor

Kal-Ba Publishing Co.

1305 W 7th St

Tempe, AZ  85282

NO CALLS at any time regarding submissions.

In the event Kal-Ba becomes overwhelmed with submissions, it will be posted on our website and acceptance of new submissions will be on ‘hold’ status.

We value your knowledge and time spent writing; please allow us an appropriate amount of time to read your manuscript. After your manuscript has been received, you will receive a confirmation email confirmation of receipt within 7 days of your submission. As to the decision to accept your manuscript for publication, please allow us up to 120 days (3 months) to read your manuscript and make a decision. (Actual time may vary slightly and more time may be needed for certain manuscripts.)

Please do not contact us prior to this 3 month period as we want to be thorough in reading and making a decision. Once a decision is made, you will be contacted via email.  In the event that your submission has not been accepted for publishing; reasons for rejection will be clearly stated in the email and in some cases, suggestions for resubmission will be included.



Kal-Ba Publishing

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