Calling All Authors!!

Updated September 4, 2008: 

Sapphire Blue Publishing is looking for great manuscripts to fill some open spots in our fall lineup.
Do you have any manuscripts hidden under the bed or wasting away on your hard drive that keep begging to be let out for some fresh air?  Do you have an off the wall story premise or set of characters that’s been hard to find a home for?  Do you have a story that you’ve received the rights back on that you’d love to take out for another spin?  Have you been told that your story crosses all genres and may be hard to place? 
If your story meets the criterion below, we would love to hear from you!
We are currently seeking:

-          Romance.  All subgenres, all heat levels and lengths
-          Short, hot romances.  10K to 25K, but must still have great characterization and story arc
-          Shapeshifter stories – any subgenre, any type shifter   
-          Mystery/Suspense
-          Horror
-          Gay/Lesbian

We are a royalty paying publisher and we accept story lengths from 10k and up. 

See below for submission information, and in the subject line write Autumn Submission!

Special Note:  For the duration of the Call to Authors Submissions request for the above genres, invitations to submit are not needed.


Submission FAQ's

What type of publisher is Sapphire Blue Publishing?
We are a royalty paying publisher.  We will NOT ask for any fees from an author to publish or distribute their book.

What are our royalty rates?
Our royalty rates vary from book to book, but we pride ourselves on being extremely competitive within the industry.

Do we assign ISBN numbers to our books?
Yes. An ISBN number is assigned to each contracted book, and each medium version of the book. (i.e. the same book will have one ISBN number for eBook and a different one for audio (if available) etc.)

Do we publish anything but erotic romance?
Yes. We are open to many genres.

Does Sapphire Blue publish works that were previously published elsewhere?
Yes.  As long as the rights have reverted back to the author, and the author can provide the reversion of rights letter.

Will my work be subject to edits even if it has previously been published somewhere else?
Yes.  All stories, regardless if they have been previously published elsewhere, will go through the full editorial process to ensure only high quality products are offered to our readers.


Submissions Information  

Outside of a specific Call for Authors Submission Request, Sapphire Blue Publishing is a "submit by invitation only" publisher.  You can receive an invitation to submit from one of our staff at conventions and events. (Such as the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention, Romance Writers of America National Convention, DragonCons, Horror Writers Association etc.) We will also take word of mouth referrals from our existing authors.

We do not accept unsolicited or un-referred submissions unless otherwise stated through a call for submissions.

If you have been invited to submit, please send your submission via Microsoft Word attachment to Note: We do not accept paper submissions.

Please include in your cover letter:

  • Real Name & Pen Name
  • Who invited you to submit as well as where you received the invitation
  • Story genre
  • Book length
  • Publishing experience
  • Any awards or writing affiliations
  • Website and contact information
  • Microsoft Word attachment with your completed manuscript (unless a partial or query was requested), and a synopsis of no more than 5 pages

Manuscript Formatting:

Sapphire Blue accepts standard eBook manuscript formatting, which is as follows:

v     Paper size 8.5” X 11”

v     12pt Bookman Old Style

v     Margins:  Top/Sides = 1”; Bottom = .08”

v     Line spacing – 1.5

v     Tab:  .5

v     Headers:  .3

v     Header Setup:  Layout – different odd/even, different first page

v     Page numbers, centered on bottom of each pagev     Page breaks in between chapters

v     Use three Tildes between scenes - ~~~

Use common sense. No one will be rejected for using any standard industry accepted formatting, and in Times New Roman, Courier or Book Antiqua.

Please be sure that your manuscript has been thoroughly self-edited and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.


Sapphire Blue is open to most popular genres including Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Suspense, Historical, Paranormal, Chick Lit, Horror, Young Adult, Non Fiction, Romance (including ALL subgenres), etc.  If your book is marketable, we will consider it.

We do not accept anything involving rape (even as "titillation"), necrophilia (undead doesn't count), bestiality (shape shifting heroes or heroines don't count) or pedophilia.

We accept stories between 10K and 100K words.


Timeframe to hear on submissions is a maximum of one month.

Thank you!

The Staff at Sapphire Blue Publishing