NOTE: WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS again until October 1st, 2009 

Before you submit any work to SynergEbooks, please read these guidelines thoroughly.

SynergEbooks is a non-subsidy digital publishing house, not a vanity press or self-publishing site. We pay royalties of 15-40% on electronic formats* and CD-ROMs, and up to 15% on paperbacks*. Children's book authors and illustrators will receive 25% royalties in all formats**.

*See FAQs for more information on how royalties are distributed.

**If you have illustrated your own children's book(s), you will receive the same royalties as a regular author.

We welcome new writers. We expect that anyone who is submitting a book to a digital publisher is computer literate, and understands that most of the marketing done for a book published in this format will be via the internet. If you are not sure what it means to be digitally published, we highly recommend you purchase at least one digital book from our website to see what it's all about.

We publish most genres of fiction, some poetry, and most genres of nonfiction. We do NOT accept works promoting racial hatred or violence, sexism, or homophobia. Please browse our site to become familiar with the genres we publish.

Note: Occasionally we will open a new genre for your book as long as it follows all of our current guidelines.

We receive hundreds of submissions each year, and accept less than 30%. We accept all genres, but less than 1% in the poetry genre: poetry must be an anthology of a unique and specific topic to be accepted. We no longer accept queries for poetry unless the topic of the collection/anthology has already been created.

We no longer accept work by Independent Authors - all authors need to sign a contract with SynergEbooks to be listed on the website.

**Every book is put into as many electronic formats as possible. We no longer put any of our children's books into print.

Please note that TO SUBMIT WORK TO SYNERGEBOOKS, YOU MUST BE ONLINE AND HAVE A VALID EMAIL ADDRESS that you check at least every other day. We are an online publishing company and we correspond with authors by email. Submissions sent via regular mail will be ignored if an email address is not included and if there is not a SASE included as well.

We accept submissions made via an agent, but please note that the author has to sign with SynergEbooks; any other arrangements with the agent are to be between the author and the agent only.

Any book you send to us must be your own original work. You must own the copyright and all publishing rights. The author retains ALL RIGHTS to his/her work. You may have your book published elsewhere in a DIFFERENT format - for instance, if your book is already available in print, but you would like to put it into electronic format, as long as this does not violate the terms of a previous contract with another publisher, we may accept it as an eBook-only publication.

We do not accept the following: works promoting racial hatred or violence, sexism or homophobia. SynergEbooks reserves the right to reject any manuscript that is believed to contain any or all of the above.

To submit work to us: (Those who do not follow these guidelines will be automatically rejected unless otherwise previously requested by the Publisher.)

- First, be sure to check to see if we are open for submissions. Your query should include a brief (up to 1 page) synopsis of the book in the body of the email, along with the genre(s) you believe best fits your book, and a brief bio of your writing credits (if any).

Attach the first 1-3 chapters of your book via attached mail in Word (.doc or .rtf) format ONLY. Any other formats will automatically disqualify your submission, though you are welcome to resubmit with the right attachment file. DO NOT SEND A DIFFERENT FILE FOR EACH CHAPTER - ZIP FILES ARE NO LONGER ACCEPTED. Label the file using title of the book, abbreviated, if necessary. Be sure to include your name and email address on the first page of the attached file so you can more easily be contacted. If we like your work, we will ask you to send the entire manusript via attached mail, along with the description, your professional bio, an author pic (if you have one) and the cover (again, if you have one) and any reviews.

- You must have completed the work you're sending us or have a solid completion date at the time you send in your query. The only exception would be a series; only the first in the series must be completed at the time of submission, but a tentative schedule for completion of the next in the series will be expected. We do accept queries inquiring if a certain type of work is suitable for publication with us.

- Make sure your manuscript is edited and polished to a highly professional standard. A manuscript full of errors is a mark of the amateur and will be rejected out-of-hand.

- When you send your submission in .doc or .rtf format, DON't use fancy formats (Times New Roman or Arial font preferred). Submit the manuscript as ONE document, not a separate file for each chapter or section. No zip files, please. OUTLINES ARE NOT NECESSARY.


SUBJECT: Submission: The Everything Book <-put title/working title in subject line of email

Author name: John Doe


Mailing address: 10 Fleet St., New York, NY

Genre(s): Nonfiction

Word Count: 35,000

Description: This book has just about everything there is to say about .... everything.

Brief author bio with writing credits (bio pic optional)

Attach 1-3 chapters of manuscript in .rtf or .doc (Word) format with the file name being the title of the manuscript.

The email address for submissions is

- All queries will receive a reply within 60 days, depending on our workload. If you send your query/submission via regular mail, you may receive a reply via email, so be sure to add to your address book so it won't be put into your spam mail. NOTE: Again, if you send your submission via regular mail, your work will automatically be rejected unless you include a valid email address.

If we accept your book for publication, you will be sent a contract and other information via email. When you return the signed contract (via regular mail), your book will be put in the queue for line editing and sent to you for final proofreading when it is ready. Any changes and corrections must be made at this stage. Once your book has been converted to PDF (Adobe Reader)format, it will be sent to you for your final approval. This process may take up to 6 months or more, depending on our submission volume at that time and the length of your book.

For print proofs, please note that any author-requested changes after publication can only be made if the author pays a fee of $50.00 USD - more if the cover needs to be redone as well. Once you have approved the final version, you will be advised of the book's release date. On that date, the book will be made available for purchase from the SynergEbooks site, and sent to review sites and online bookstores that carry our titles. Print books will be listed at Amazon and via our wholesale Distributor, Baker & Taylor.

COVERS: SynergEbooks will work with you to create a cover that fits the subject of your book. Please note that if you do not approve of the cover we have created for you, you may have to pay $200.00 or more for a cover of your choosing to be created instead. Authors are responsible for payment of print covers - digital covers are free. NOTE: The print and digital covers may not be exactly the same if created by different cover artists. You may choose to have another artist create your cover. SynergEbooks reserves the right to reject said cover. All covers must be created to the printer's specifications.

If you have more questions, please check our FAQs section or email SynergEbooks at or