Rebel Ink Press Submission Guidelines

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At this time Rebel Ink Press is not accepting submissions for the following:


We are accepting submissions in the following:

Contemporary Romance (encompassing all Contemporary sub-genres)

YA or NA Romance

Christian Romance

Inspirational Romance

Paranormal/Shifter Romance

Ménage and GLBT (considered on a per story basis).  We will continue to publish same sex romance as long as the story falls under contemporary guidelines and doesn't cross the line into erotic/erotica.  We’re interested in seeing stories in this sub-genre focus on the emotional connection and romance between partners, not just the sexual relationship as the basis for the story.

At present, we are accepting submissions using the following word count guidelines:

Short Story:  1,000 - 7,500 words

Novellette:  7,500 - 20,000 words

Novella:  20,000 - 50,000 words

Novel:  50,000 -70,000 words

Rebel Ink Press
has an open submission policy.  What that means is that you do not need an agent in order to submit your work, one of the many benefits of working with a small publisher.

Where are RIP books sold?

We have accounts with Barnes and Noble, Amazon Kindle, All Romance Ebooks (including iBook distribution), and BookStrand.

The Contract Preview:

Our contract is for e-book rights with an option for print rights based upon sales (see contract).  Commission on e-book sales is 40%.  Royalties are paid 60 days after the end of the month in each quarter. 

We offer professional editorial services, original, exclusive cover art per title and an ISBN for your book.  All of these services are at no cost to our authors.

Rebel Ink Press does not offer royalty advances at this time.  Authors retain their rights to works submitted, giving RIP the exclusive right to publish the works.


 1.  Email with the following information:

In the body of the email be sure to include:

·        your legal name

·        pen name (if any)

·        working title and series information , if applicable

·        word count

·        genre

·        has the work been previously published? (if yes, explain)

·        a brief description regarding your title

If you are currently published elsewhere and have an author website, please include a link.

2.  Attach your manuscript for review.  Be sure that the file is attached as a .doc file.  This should be your final manuscript.  Please make sure to read over your manuscript before sending it to us.  It should be as polished as possible. 

**If you would like to submit a partial work or speak to us about a project you'd like to pitch, please make that fact clear in your email.

3.  Current RIP authors may submit partials and queries at any time in lieu of completed manuscripts for future publication.


Cover page must include in the Upper Left Hand Corner:

·        Author’s Name

·        Author’s Address

·        Author’s Phone Number

·        Author’s E-mail Address

·        Title of Manuscript

·        Author Name and/or pseudonym

·        Genre/Sub Genre(s) 

·        Word Count

We suggest you use the following document format:

·        Word 97 or above

·        doc, and .docx formats only, please

·        Calibri font, 12 pt.

·        No headers, footers or page numbers

·        1" margin on all sides with .3 indent for the first line in each paragraph

Please email your completed submission to:

Our current read and reply time is three weeks on all submissions.

No Mac, Word Perfect, or Microsoft Works Submissions

Please do not send HTML or PDF files


The fine print and things you really need to know...

We do not publish stories that contain rape, necrophilia or pedophilia content.  Stories obscene in nature are restricted as are works depicting sexual acts involving persons under eighteen years of age, works involving any exploitation of minors, sexual or otherwise, works containing incest or pseudo-incest themes, works that are written for the barely legal market, rape for the purposes of titillation, scenes of non-consensual bondage or non-consensual sado-masochistic practices, bestiality with naturally occurring animals, sex with non-animated corpses, and snuff or scat play.

If you have questions pertaining to an element of this nature in your story, please contact us and we'll be happy help you determine if the piece is right for us.  We love happily-ever-after (HEA) but are more than satisfied with happy-for-now (HFN) endings.

_We prefer to work with authors that are interested in developing a professional relationship in lieu of self-publishing.  While self-publishing can be a worthwhile and enriching endeavor, it is our experience that authors do best with both feet firmly planted in one world or the other, not both.  We aren't saying "no" if you happen to self-publish.  We're just asking that you mention that in your submission request so we can have an honest conversation about your dreams and goals.  It is our utmost desire to start off and stay on the right foot.

If you are 16 to 17 years of age and wish to submit a manuscript, you must have a parent/guardian signature. All payments will be made to the parent/guardian authorizing the contract.  When you turn 18 years of age, you may complete an addendum to the contract and payments will be made directly to you at that time.

If your book has been previously published, we require a letter showing that you have the rights to the title again.  We will not review your work without it.  If you self-published through Fictionwise or another e-seller, we need proof that their rights have expired.  Otherwise, we could face serious legal action from those companies.  If we decide to offer a contract on a previously published title, a new cover will be created and the book will be re-formatted.

Please note that you cannot submit a story based off someone else's work and this includes classic novels.  Any works received that infringe upon another's rights will not be accepted and will be removed immediately should we discover and verify plagarism has taken place. If you wish to write a sequel based off someone else's work, you must have written permission prior to submission to do so.  While we understand fan fiction and varies forms thereof are a popular trend at this time, we aren't huge fans and prefer original works.

Please see the following definitions to determine if your piece is appropriate for submission to Rebel Ink Press:

What we do not accept:

Erotic romance is defined as a Romance containing frequent, sexually explicit love scenes. The main plot centers around two or more people falling in love and struggling to make the relationship work. The love scenes are a natural part of the romance and described using graphic and frank language. Typically these stories have an HEA (happily ever after) or HFN (happy for now) ending.

Erotica is a sexually explicit story, which explores and focuses on a character’s sexual journey rather than an emphasis on a developing romantic relationship. While such an erotic story may have elements of romance, it is the sex that primarily drives the story.

BDSM will contain any elements central to the BDSM lifestyle including but not limited to bondage, dominance/submission, sadism, masochism.

What we do accept:

Romance in its true sense is comprised of the central love story and emotionally satisfying, optimistic ending (can be a happily-ever-after HEA or happy for now HFN).

Central Love Story: Mmain plot centers around individuals falling in love and struggling to make the relationship work. Subplots can be added as long as the love story is the main focus of the novel. (As defined by industry standard)

Emotionally-Satisfying Optimistic Ending: The lovers who risk and struggle for each other and their relationship are rewarded with emotional justice and unconditional love. (As defined by industry standard)
Contemporary Romance: Focus primarily on the romantic relationship and are set in the current time period.

Historical Romance: Set in any historical time period.

Inspirational/Christian Romance: Contain religious or spiritual beliefs as a major part of the romantic relationship.

Paranormal Romance: Set in the future, a fantasy world, or paranormal elements are an essential part of the plot.

Romantic Suspense: Suspense, mystery, or thriller elements make up the central plot line.

Young Adult Romance: Marketed toward young adult readers age 18 to early twenties.

New Adult Romance: Marketed toward new adult readers age up to mid-twenties.