Oak Tree Press    Guidelines for Submissions

Oak Tree Press is an independent publisher that celebrates writers and is dedicated to providing publishing opportunities to all writers, especially first-time authors. We believe that books from independent presses offer the reading public the chance to opt for quality and diversity that is all-too-often missing in the celebrity-driven lists of the major houses.

We consider novels and non-fiction in a wide variety of genres and subject matters with a special emphasis on mysteries and crime fiction.  We do not consider science fiction, fantasy, or horror. Our target length is 70-90,000 words. Queries can be sent via email to the addresses below.  We prefer a one-page letter that recaps the book project, details any suggested marketing connections and provides some brief biographical information on the author. 

We do not read long synopses, nor do we surf to internet sites to read synopses or first chapters. Response to queries usually comes within thirty days. We do not consider any material which is over-loaded with obscenities, racist,  inflammatory or depicts gratuitous violence, especially against women, children or animals.

If a full manuscript is requested, allow two-four months for response.  Include SASE for response and, if return of a paper manuscript is desired, include postage or cost of postage plus self-addressed mailer.  Manuscripts not returned will be recycled.

Since we sponsor three annual writing contests, we do not consider “over the transom” manuscripts in those genres while the contest is open for entries…generally January through July each year.Details on the contest guidelines and previous winners can be found elsewhere on this web site.

Before You Submit....

...Think carefully about your own personal feelings about book promotion.

Since Oak Tree Press is a small, indie publishing house, we consider authors our partners in promoting their books. We do not ask authors to contribute financially to the production costs needed to bring out the book, and therefore we operate with razor-thin margins...so much so that many promotional choices are simply beyond our reach. To off-set this, we want to connect with authors who have a collaborative attitude and willingness to go that extra mile in getting the word out about their book, who will eagerly plan a book launch party where the book is for sale, who are enthusiastic about contacting bookshops to set up a signing event or give book talks at club meetings or conferences.

Expertise is definitely NOT required...if fact, we prefer an enthusiastic newbie to a reluctant marketing pro...just bring your can-do attitude and willingness to roll up your sleeves and work with us.

In short, we want to connect with authors who will take a proactive role in promotion. If this is NOT part of your vision of yourself as a published author, kindly rethink submitting to Oak Tree.   

Submit to:

Acquisitions Editor

Oak Tree Press

140 E. Palmer St.

Taylorville, IL 62568

Email: Query@OakTreeBooks.com