Our specialty in e-stories/e-books will be for exceptional quality erotic, erotic paranormal romance or contemporary erotic romance.  However, we do seek and will e-publish a multitude of different venues in the erotica and romance genres .  We do list an acceptance for non-erotic romance novelettes, novellas and books however they would have to be exceptional so as to compete with so many others of their kind in the market.  We will not publish historical romances or young adult under any circumstances.  


The list of accepted submissions is available on our  Genres & Categories  page.  We ONLY accept submissions of an 18+ content.  All other material will be discarded.


How To Submit Your Work To Naughty Nights Press


Please ensure that ALL submissions are followed in the manner detailed below.  For multiple submissions please send each in it’s own individual email with separate cover information, synopsis, word count etc.  Please email all submissions to: submissions@naughtynightspress.com  with the title and genre of your work as the message line.

Remember: In the body of the email AND on the first page of the manuscript please include:

  • Your Legal Name and Contact Information

  • Pseudonym (If Applicable)

  • Title

  • Genre/Sub-Genre

  • Word Count

  • Brief Synopsis Of The Book/Story

  • A 50-75 word Biography written in the third person

  • Your marketing/advertising plan should we accept your manuscript for publication.


*** Please Note:  Although we like to encourage unrestricted, free and creative writing and we encourage those stories that “push the naughty limits”, you must let us know whether the piece contains any questionable content.  We do put disclaimers about content if it could potentially disturb our consumers, so please let us know in advance. 


For example, we allow non-consent/reluctance under certain “role  play” or other similar circumstances, but it should not be meant to cause harm to another character in the story. Writing about child abuse in the past of a character is one thing, but we do not want to read about the nasty details nor have it as part of the stimulation in the work. 


No bestiality except in the obvious specific case of paranormal works.  No children or persons under 18 years of age in sexual acts within the story and no incest content.  We are not interested in father/daughter or the like.  We do not publish works that cross our idea of an invisible line of moral vulgarity in any way.  ***



Specific Formatting Requirements:


We expect all submissions to be free from spelling and grammatical errors, proper tense throughout the story, appropriate use of punctuation and basically ready for publication.  Obviously there may be some editing necessary but if you can all check/double check your work this would greatly reduce our required time.

Please ensure you include the manuscript as an attachment to the email .doc format only (no .docx or rtf):  

Save the file in the following manner:  YourLegalName_Title_Genre.doc 

Text is Times New Roman 12. 1.5 line spacing, one inch margins and indent new paragraphs one half inch, set in the "Page Setup" of the document. 

Identify new chapters only with a title "Chapter Two", no ****** , lines, spaces or other characters please.


For short stories include your pseudonym/pen name (left),  and title (centered) on ALL pages please.   


***  Submissions not following this format will be discarded as we are small house with a number of constant submissions calls on the table and unfortunately we do not have the time to read through the entire book before we figure out the main genre or if it is adult content and determine which editor it needs to be forwarded to.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.  ***


  • Short stories must have a minimum 2500 word count, unless otherwise specified in an anthology call and will likely accepted for inclusion in an anthology of similar natured stories rather then individual publication.

  • For stories and novelettes under 10k: The complete story

  • For novellas 10k-40k: The first three chapters and the last chapter

  • For novels 40k+: The first five chapters and the last chapter